La Chartreuse de Parme

La Chartreuse de Parme

Fabrice del Dongo, a young archbishop, gives his all to romance rather than to the Church, creating complications for everyone around. The Countess of San Severina, is but one of the women ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian G (ca) wrote: A well meaning doc that is literally all encompassing without being brand specific, checking off the various anthropologic landmarks for the Video Game industry, ranging from the first system and the parts that were built in and around at MIT, to the formation of the Atari and Nintendo powerhouses in the early days along with the 1983 ET crash, to the trending graphics leaps and bounds that seem to be heading to the Occulus Rift generation for immersive gameplay. Its interesting if basic, and as an audience member would be kind of cool to go more in depth on certain points, since there are the token references to the ratings commission for the violence and such in games, and the competition for the console wars between Sega and Nintendo and the spun off Playstation, to geek culture in general. Would have been a little cooler for them to go a little more in depth just to adds some more layers to the proceedings but for the neophytes does the trick and for more compelling stuff go straight to the King of Kong and Game Over: the Atari/ET story.

Cherif N (es) wrote: Not the usual superman movie, but I liked the end of it.

Topsy I (ag) wrote: very very very VERY low budget film ... I survived it but ... well , if u got nothing better to do .... NOTHING ... then watch it ... better than nothing I guess ;)

Randall Q (nl) wrote: Torture porn. A sub-genre that, by the nature of its label, sounds like a type of film that only the perviest of perverts would flock to. And yet, with movies like Hostel (and its many sequels), Saw (and its many sequels), and the cornucopia of 70's/80's horror film re-makes breaking through to mainstream success, torture porn has become an acceptable; NAY...widely accepted sub-genre of horror. The merits of the films in the genre are arguable. No doubt many exist solely to shock viewers into an epileptic fit of puke and diarrhea. I believe it can be argued that others exist as masterworks of horror and suspense that can be proudly shelved by horror buffs who crave more than just bloody tits and severed heads. The Bunny Game would make a good party guest for Cannibal Holocaust, Saw 1, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), Friday the 13th, etc. More so than most horror filims, The Bunny Game teeters into art house territory. Graphic depictions of sexual acts, a black and white color scheme, a tiny amount of dialogue, and abstract shots and storytelling make it stand out from the very crowded torture porn genre. Unfortunately for the filmmakers and actors involved, all of those aspects will probably keep The Bunny Game from reaching any sort of mainstream success. The best the filmmakers can hope for, financially at least, is for a cult following.It does the crazed-pervert better than any movie I've ever seen. It realistically, almost to a fault, depicts how a kidnapping-sexual-assault would likely go with a psychopath. It's not for the faint of heart. It's a slow-burning, disturbing film only suited for those certain they are fans of the genre. But if a fan of the genre you are, I believe the pinnacle of "torture porn" you will find.

David U (gb) wrote: Fairly interesting, fairly seizure-inducing, and fairly amateurish.

Ippei K (ca) wrote: Apparently this was based on Kurosawa's "Rashomon". Upon hearing that it automatically lost a star because if that's the case, this is rubbish. They have changed things too much for that, but as a stand alone film it's decent. Not without it's flaws but it flows pretty well and with all the deception and betrayal, it's like watching Shakespeare...Japanese-style!

Fernando B (fr) wrote: This movie blow my life, is perfect in all senses.

Claire M (au) wrote: I love this movie, Growing up I had most of the American Girl dolls and Kit was always my favorite. So when the movie came out and my favorite actress was in it I knew i had to see it. Abigail didn't disappoint me at all

Chad H (de) wrote: Lets start out by analyzing this movie in depth... from the case, to the disc, to the movie itself. It Waits... whats with the title? Whose "It"? Does it have a name? It is a little confusing in its own regard, but that adds a little flare of mystery which is a good thing. In fact the case of the DVD itself talks about this creature, gives a little bit of a synopsis, it builds suspense of what this creature looks like. I had some high hopes for this movie, I mean maybe it'd be a gem in a fountain of rocks. Well as I opened up the case, the monster was pictured on the DVD itself which ruined any bit of suspense I had for this thing. I knew what it looked like which took away from the film itself. Now that that mess is out of the way lets get into the movie. So for plot... well I really couldn't make sense of the plot, in fact I don't even think this movie had one. The monster came from a cave, we are told that it is a Native American evil spirit that has been freed from cave. This movie really can be summed up into one single sentence. "What was the point of that?" Nothing significant happens, people die without any build up so why should we care? The movie seems rushed as it is under ninety minutes, and nothing really happened. I gotta give kudos on another review, someone said the African Grey Parrot was the best actor... and he was. I paid the most attention and interest when that little bird was on screen. Its amazing how that bird can talk. But in short... This movie seems rushed, has no buildup, the action scenes are boring, the characters have no buildup and make it impossible for the viewer to become attache to them, the monster looks okay but we hardly see it enough, the ending is a joke. But if you love birds I recommend this movie to you, because the parrot really is the best aspect to this film. However, that's really sad considering this is a horror movie, but if you're not a bird fan steer clear of it.

Shane S (ca) wrote: The best part is the beginning. SOMEONE'S IN THE BACK SEAT!

Kris W (de) wrote: "Every new child born brings the message that God is not yet discouraged of man" -Tagore

Sandra D (nl) wrote: Goldie Hawn as a coach for a men's football team. Very funny. I'm a big fan of Goldie Hawn, she is so cute and funny.

Frederick M (es) wrote: Amazing art-direction.

Seema P (de) wrote: really good. sunny deol's character was a bit over the top, but the stories told in here were very heart warming. Unique concept.

Private U (nl) wrote: Tyvrr s mrks det s tydligt att filmen r inspelad i Skne, Sverige. Nr Roberg och Arvid r i ken knner man igen en sknsk strand. Fr vrigt r det nnu en gripande historia och fortsttningen p Utvandrarna.

James H (ca) wrote: 4.5/10. Hokey sequel to the robe, overacted and over produced. There is hardly an effort at all made to evoke a feel for the period. Susan Hayward's hairstyle is very 1954, and I doubt they had Brylcream for Victor Mature's hair back around 10 A.D.

jay n (jp) wrote: How'd they get so many top rank stars to appear in this meager offering? Not dreadful but very minor. Jimmy & Henry's segment is the best plus there's a chance to see MacMurray & Demerest team up years before My Three Sons.

Johann P (it) wrote: This movie is so underrated!.

Eric J (us) wrote: John Huston's penchant for storytelling is on display in this period piece. Similar to any number of Irish-based films before the Troubles. Anjelica huston kind of hanms it up in this. eh. it was aight.