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La ciudad oculta


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Cain L (mx) wrote: One of the best mockumentary films I've seen. It combines humor, wit, and an adept cast to tell the story of street artists.

Matthew Francis L (mx) wrote: Could somebody please pass Mr Spielberg a trowel so he can apply an extra-thick layer of syrupy sentimentality? Thanks.

Matthew Y (es) wrote: Predictable teen romp

Brody M (us) wrote: Not a bad Western but not a good 1 either.You have to be in a serious mood for a Western to like this flick

Sarah K (au) wrote: Hands down the best documetary I have ever seen. Added bonus that both Jaap and Ina are still alive and able to reacall their own story so vividly. Fantastic film.

Leah V (gb) wrote: Applying biography to Greek dramas is a fascinating idea. They sometimes say film is the new mythology, and this takes it a step further. Well done. I enjoyed the puppets the most : )

Erin S (ag) wrote: It was definitely not quite what I was expecting, but not bad. I thought it could have been ended about three times before it actually was though. I remember watching the story get wrapped up in what I thought was the end and then looking down and seeing that there was like half an hour left. However, the actual ending was at least somewhat positive in a film that was kind of a downer otherwise...even though that was the point.

Kelly D (ru) wrote: I really loved everything about this movie. The characters were so real and humorous; Joshua Jackson plays Duncan so effortlessly you think he's playing himself, and Juliette Lewis is unforgivingly honest and sure of herself. If only people would stop looking for the unordinary, would they find it.

Alexey F (de) wrote: A filming crew discovers a touching animalistic plot to hold the ethnographic footage together.Bears strong resemblance to Carl Theodor Dreyer's Jeanne D'arc.

Simon D (it) wrote: We need more british reality like this and less hooligan movies

Joel H (us) wrote: Frailty is a fascinating film. It's Matthew McConaughey doing drama before Matthew McConaughey doing drama was cool. This is a very unique horror movie because it's difficult to guess which way it's going to go. Additionally, the acting, in particular Bill Paxton's character, is very well done. If only they would have come up with a better title for this film.

Deborah M (us) wrote: Yes, it's a Rom-Com with the usual elements - and it's a fun watch. John Cusack is endearing and adorable. The soundtrack is appealing, as well. A nice selection to curl up with on a Saturday night. I would have liked it even better if fate had been a bit kinder to previous partners but it is still solid, well-acted and charming.

TheMumblelover (jp) wrote: The best thing about this film is the cinematography, direction and the choreography. Its not as grand or sweeping as crouching tiger but it is impressive. The script at time feels like its only on its second draft and also the music is annoying its doesn't work very well with the fight scenes. I liked the how China is on the brink of change from the western culture and the clash it brings, with the old ways facing the new. Also the film is quiet funny with some great comic turns. Definitely worth seeing.

Jesse O (ag) wrote: Thumbs up to the cast for making this movie work even when it wasn't supposed to. As an aside, it's strange seeing Billy Bob Thorton playing a neurotic hypochondriac, it's definitely against type but he does a good job with the role and is definitely entertaining here. The cast is pretty much the only thing that I liked about the movie, and the way the film climaxed was actually pretty fun. I don't know, but the movie, the story and its characters never really clicked for me. It's nice to see a "heist" film, even if the heists themselves aren't the endgame, they're just there to progress the story, that focuses on the characters. The problem is, the characters aren't exactly interesting. The dynamic between Billy, Bruce and Cate is fine, even if it's cliched, but you're not really given much of a reason to root for either guy. For bank robbers, these guys aren't really interesting. The leads do a great job at sort of fooling you, but the truth of the matter is that the characters aren't great. Hell, it'd have been more interesting if Joe and Terry, the bank robbers, were actually a construct of Kate's mind and the life she really wanted as opposed to being a bored housewife whose husband neglects her. Joe and Terry represent the danger and risk-taking that her life so desperately needs. That would've been more interesting, to me at least, as it goes into the mind of someone whose life didn't turn out the way she planned and the psychological effects that had on her. Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but I think it would've been better than what we ended up getting. I don't mean to say the movie is bad, I just found it largely uninteresting. Especially considering how long the movie was, I think this movie could've been told 100 minutes and it would've been much better. The problem is they spend too much time developing these characters and their "personalities" before the movie's story really starts. Because of this, the movie tends to drag heavily in parts. I really do think that a shorter running length would've done wonders for this movie. I thought the climax was actually pretty cool and funny, and it was, outside of the leads themselves, the best part of the movie. Some parts of this film are fun and other parts are a chore to get through. So this is really just an average film, at best.

Pavandeep S (fr) wrote: I love all gangster films and this one really got to me as the whole thing revolves around the people with connections to Salvatoire Giuliano. A bloody brilliant film, classy as hell...

Peter H (fr) wrote: Perhaps one of the greatest movies ever made about sports, if not one of the best movies made about people.