La clase

La clase

La Clase explores the magic of a first time experience. The pupils of a 4th grade primary class take their first drama lessons...

La Clase explores the magic of a first time experience. The pupils of a 4th grade primary class take their first drama lessons. We accompany the children through the learning process from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shane J (de) wrote: An interesting idea though I'm not exactly sure 100% everything in this film is real? That proposal has to be fake right and the random love interest come on.

Jt H (ru) wrote: More funnier than Kickassia. Had me laughing and also crying. Great James Rolfe Cameo.

Scotty P (ca) wrote: I like this movie for what it is. enough said.

Thomas P (de) wrote: Hilarious start, lame finish. Actually, fresh first 15, stale all the rest.Even the extended guest list goes flat as if the director kept yelling - ok, be funny...NOW! And itDidnt work at all.Not sure where the magic ended exactly, but it delves into an unnecessary f-bomb fest, as if that's funny.None of the usual funny ppl have an ounce of humor here - a head scratcher.So much talent somehow completely wasted here - only Kristen Wiig gets a few chuckles about being high and hungry, but still a little stale.Go see At Worlds End w Simon Pegg, and DO NOT read a thing about it.I saw it on the big screen without any prior knowledge and it rocked my world.Warning, lots of f-bombs, but played for laughs - unlike here.I had big hopes and wanted to just enjoy it, but was confounded by its pedestrian pace and lackluster quote-unquote comedy.1 nervously sweaty alien out of 5

John L (it) wrote: This film is so moving that I can't watch it without becoming emotional.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing!

Heather K (ag) wrote: How many times do you watch a documentary, then make everyone around you watch it because it was so frickin' hilarious. For me that answer is just once, and that documentary is of course Cane Toads. I do like animals don't get me wrong, but I'm more into furry ones rather than slimy ones but still this simply must be seen. See these toads are everywhere in Australia killing everything in their way and they drive most of the townspeople nuts. They did manage to find some really absurd folks who love the toads, and a little girl who keeps one as a pet and dresses it up for pete's sake. The trouble with these toads is that they spew some sort of poison which kills what eats it I guess. Anyhow that's not important! What is important in this is the guy who has been smoking toad for many years and his awesome smoky hippy pad. What's important is the guy who lines up these toads in order to run them over. What's important are the ridiculous Cane Toad related songs which I could probably still sing if I truly wanted to. This is without a doubt the best documentary I've ever seen and one of the funniest. Grab this right away if you ever get the chance!

Bunmi O (ca) wrote: This is one of the funniest comdeys ever.

Karsh D (kr) wrote: Karloff as the Chinese Copper once more as he tries to solve the riddle of a murder and help the man "framed" for the aforementioned murder.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Among the most performed plays in the US, including high school & college productions. This musical extravaganza deserved every Oscar it was nominated for - and lured several talented young actors and actresses away from the stage.

Hawk (jp) wrote: Really loved this movie. It's kinda trashy in a way and totally stuck in the 90s but it's totally endearing in this way. A few scenes are completely animated and while this has since been revealed to be due to filming mistakes, the transiition totally works and makes the film even more endearing. A good chunk of the film features talking Kangaroos, if that doesn't appeal to you, then this is probably not a film worth seeking out, but for everyone else it is a really good time.