La coquito

La coquito

La Coquito is a Cuban cuplés, coveted by men for her beauty and sensuality. After great hardship in Cuba, she accepts the proposal of a Spanish businessman to work in Madrid. There she meets various men who will compete for her love.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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La coquito torrent reviews

Ian G (de) wrote: I what to watch this movie without putting my email in don't you?

Derric D (ca) wrote: beautiful... nice to see sensible movies coming out of Bollywood... finally see a lot of maturity!!!

Jonathan W (de) wrote: The charming Paula Patton isn't enough to keep this carbon copy of better romantic comedies afloat. While it's sort of fun (in a goofy "Gidget" kind of way), the contrived plot is both sexist and boring.

Melody M (au) wrote: The plot in this film is probably over-done, but the acting nonetheless is not, and the film points out some very good information - the ruthlessness of teen girls. It has been compared to Mean Girls in subject matter. The main character is played by the star of Sleepover, Alexa Vega.

Jason P (it) wrote: Hilarious! Lame ending, but the originality and humor of the story was compelling enough to make up for it.

Mel S (nl) wrote: una de las mas lindas y conmovedoras:)

Alex P (es) wrote: Heaven is a soul searching experience about revenge and the heavy price it extracts. But it also strives to suave the wound through an exercise of love and loyalty.

Paulette N (ag) wrote: This is not a movie for those who are easily offended. This is a film about a lesbian film student who is researching a thesis about a former black actress known as "The Watermelon Woman." Both women share a lesbian identity during different time periods.

Michael W (it) wrote: Director Chuck Vincent boldly captures the grandeur and tragedy of the final days of Pompeii in this cost-conscious effort. Deathstalker Richard Hill is back in a familiar role of gladiator hero. Many pivotal scenes lifted from a movie with higher production values.

Gordon B (br) wrote: It's a spunky car chase film that works because neither the cops nor the outlaws they're chasing seem very comfortable with being violent

Natalie T (it) wrote: The color and technique is amazing. Beautifully done. Anger is awesome.

jay n (kr) wrote: Breezy lark with a sparkling Carole Lombard. She and Fred work well together as always and if you only know him from his years as the retiring dad on My Three Sons he's quite dishy here. Ralph Bellamy is the odd man out again but at lest his Allen is afforded some dignity here instead of being the poor sap he usually got stuck playing.

Jared M (ca) wrote: Good drama. Not "education"

julia G (gb) wrote: this is a very cute movie