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La crisis carnívora


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Ted W (gb) wrote: Ok magician movie starring Jesse Isenberg, woody heralson, Dave Franco, and some random girl because of diversity, you know , one girl and the rest are guys. I like the concept of magicians doing the impossible of transporting money from France to last Vegas or teleporting place to place. If this kind of magic could be used in real life, that would be cool but it can't, it's just a movie. Also Mark ruffulo is in this movie, and I actually don't like him, it's not how he portrays the character but his character just by himself is just bad. The four horseman are cool and their tricks maybe cheesy at times but in the end their tricks are good. But now for the more bad, the talking in this movie, the script is boring at times, but makes the movie a lot longer than it already is but only boring for the people in the movie that are not the four horsemen. Morgan Freeman and his gang suck, I'm glad they have Morgan Freeman but his role isn't right for him, he's comedic, I like that about him but he's not good in this kind of comedy. But without the Hollywood stars in this movie or the cool effects for the magic, this movie would have nothing but in the end it's just an ok movie that you'll see for 1 dollar at target.

Brandon T (jp) wrote: Best Movie ever yall must watch this movie it's very good and very adictive

Ria B (ru) wrote: Out of all the actors, only one was worth mentioning, and she had an incomprehensible character motivation. So much more could have been done with this concept. In fact, so much more has been done. In tons of other movies that weren't a waste of a rental fee.

Stefano L (ag) wrote: Control racconta la storia di Ian Curtis, frontman di una delle rockband inglesi pi amate di sempre, i Joy Division. Il direttore della fotografia che si preso l'impegno di pilotare la mdp lo stesso regista dei vecchi video dei Depeche Mode e di alcune canzoni dei U2: Anton Corbijn (fan dichiarato e, oltretutto, autore del videoclip del loro pezzo "Atmosphere"); il quale sulla carta, dunque, figurava come la persona pi indicata nel condurre un lavoro agiografico sul celebre gruppo che invent la famosa "new wave", ovvero quel genere musicale che avrebbe condizionato tutta l'elettronica e il pop-rock della decade a seguire. Le parti pi belle della pellicola concernono infatti proprio gli spezzoni musicali della travagliata gavetta del complesso di Manchester, in cui l'uso del bianco e nero, oltre a dare al lungometraggio un sapore retr abbastanza azzeccato, risulta anche concretamente funzionale nel mettere in luce gli aspetti ed i momenti pi sciagurati dei drammatici effetti dell'epilessia, disturbo di cui Curtis ne fu afflitto fin dall'adolescenza. Control per delude nella scrittura. Gli eventi iniziali si susseguono difatti troppo rapidamente, tanto vero che alcuni comportamenti del protagonista danno di frequente l'impressione della forzatura. Da bocciare, per di pi, la performance di Sam Riley; se nei passaggi in cui vengono messi in scena i concerti sembra persuadere almeno in parte, non convince affatto nella caretterizzazione melodramatica che d al suo personaggio, smoderatamente sguaiata ed uniforme per attenersi veramente alla personalit del cantante. Non mi parso che nelle biografie di Curtis costui veniva ricordato come una specie di "bello e impossibile" che per incidere i dischi o andare in televisione per il lancio di un nuovo album cercava di prevaricare sulle altre band e sugli stessi discografici con arroganza ed arrivismo, quindi perch diavolo viene rammentato cos?! Lo stesso dicasi per gli altri caratteristi maschili di Control.. tra le (poche) interpretazioni decenti citerei quindi quelle di Samantha Morton (la giovanissima moglie Deborah), e della tedesca Alexandra Maria Lara (l'amante degli ultimi anni di vita). Cionondimeno questo prodotto di Corbijn, alla fine, passabile: gli appassionati avranno un brivido alla schiena nel riascoltare dei capolavori come "Love Will Tear Us Apart" o "Disorder", ma f rabbia pensare che con una migliore stesura dello script ed un'operazione di casting pi sensata, si sarebbe potuto ottenere un profilo apologetico senz'altro superiore...

Cool Cat w (ru) wrote: I love this movie I would watch it over and over again

Ken S (nl) wrote: Mel Brooks strayed from the straight parody genre to make this social satire about the rich and the homeless. Brooks plays one of the richest man in the world, who cares little for the problems of the poor and disenfranchised. He owns half of the property in the slums of Los Angeles, and plans to buy the other half from the city...but a rich rival buys it up first, ruining his chances of building an extravagant dream center. The two make a bet, if Brooks character can stay on the streets with no assets for 30 days, he gets the other half of the property, if he does not, he must give his half to the rival. Along the way he learns life lessons and his eyes are opened to the world of the is good character stuff. Unfortunately for Brooks, he manages to hit a lot of the right satiric notes, but rarely manages to get out the laughs. Great message, a decent cast, weak in the funny department. I would say this film is slightly underrated critically, but it isn't as funny as Brooks commentary on the subject should be.

Scott A (mx) wrote: Being the sci-fi fan that I am, I've always been curious about this film. So I was excited to see Journey to the Far Side of the Sun finally get a new release on DVD (the previous print had been fetching $100 on eBay - I'm sure those people wish they had their money back - but more about that in a second).Anyway, the premise of this film (just like the Twilight Zone episode "The Parallel") is that there is an undiscovered planet resembling Earth on the "other side of the sun". This planet is of course exactly like ours except that it's inverted. This basically just means all their letters and signs are reversed and people drive on the wrong side of the road.Sound intriguing? Well, that's pretty much it for the plot. The first hour or so is dedicated to the preparations for the journey to this other planet. It's just tedious scenes of switches being pressed, exterior shots of the launching pad, banal dialog, etc. There's no point to it whatsoever. To help matters, Gerry Anderson somehow managed to find the most boring actors in the history of cinema to play these roles.Anyway, once the crew FINALLY lands on the planet (after an interminable sequence of the astronauts sitting and literally sleeping in their spaceship), Roy Thinnes astutely notices the copy is all backwards on a bottle of cologne and hops back on another ship to tell people about what he has discovered. Oops he never gets to do it as he crash lands and dies. The end! Oh wait, there's a bonus scene of one of the space executives hurling himself into a mirror in his wheelchair at the end. I guess he wanted out of this film too.I'm really surprised a under-developed premise like this could get made even back in the 60s. It actually made me feel like I had to "make up" for wasting the 2 hours I spent watching it by doing something, anything more rewarding.

Super J (nl) wrote: My favorite movie of all time came out in in the year 1960, is scary, thrilling, funny, got a crappy 90s remake and one of the best movies ever, what was its name again? Oh yeah, "Psycho" by Alfred Hitchcock.

Kevin J (it) wrote: As a whole, To Catch a Thief is yet another classic film directed by master director Alfred Hitchcock even if it is not one of my favorites by him. Though the plot itself is very intriguing, it lacks the thrills and suspense that Hitchcock is known for. In spite of that, it was directed very well and holds up pretty well though it has showed numerous signs of aging in the 60 years since its release. Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are great and have good chemistry together in the lead roles. The mise en scene is great, as is the costume design, both of which were the stars of this one to me. Finally, as I said, the plot is very interesting as Grant tries to discover who the jewel thief wreaking havoc on this picturesque French vacation destination is. Overall, To Catch a Thief is a good film that is aging relatively well and provides for really good entertainment.

John B (es) wrote: Enjoyable old classic in this series and great to see Crosby & Hope in action along with Dorothy Lamour even if the story was lacking

Daniel L (gb) wrote: An intense ride with great performances from Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington

Matthew D (es) wrote: Shakespearean actor, Edward Lionheart (Price) had supposedly committed suicide after his performance is harshly ridiculed by snobbish critics. Later, the critics begin to die in a variety of gory ways, strangely reminiscent of Shakespeare's work. A fun-filled horror/comedy that is not to be missed.Rated: R

Lee B (de) wrote: Tupac was a great actor, it's such a shame him music/film career was cut short. He's brilliant in Gang Related. Anyway, it's an interesting thriller that although wears thin in several areas, but nothing to big to affect it. The main flaw is the conclusion. As good as it is, the last 30 minutes are riddled with several predictibal twists.