La culpa

La culpa

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Jos M (it) wrote: Pelcula de apacible belleza e intriga, pareciese una pelcula de Claude Chabrol.

Henrik B (mx) wrote: Big Ass Spider is defiantly one of the better B-movies in recent years. The movie is funny and has a brilliant plot. If you want to watch a B-movie, watch this instead if:Any Shark movies (except Jaws!)

Peter P (br) wrote: Too much like listening to a interview with a slideshow to go with it, I was hoping for a lot more, I got bored and stopped watching before the mid point, God rest Cobain, let him be in peace already.

Alyson C (us) wrote: Love true crime movies done right. This is one.

Carlos M (au) wrote: A very funny comedy that invests more in odd situations than in punch line gags, with Vince Vaughn in a magnetic performance and a priceless Will Ferrell, but the film is unfortunately about thirty minutes longer than it should be, dragging a little bit in its third act.

Trevor M (it) wrote: One of the few slasher films set in an opera house. Not bad, but a little too by the numbers (though there was one surprise twist).

Marc L (ca) wrote: J'aurais beaucoup aime en dire du bien, de ce Blier. Le concept de depart est interessant, l'idee de ces personnages qui expriment strictement ce qu'ils pensent est magistrale et quelques dialogues sont assez bien sentis. Malheureusement, il se degage quelque chose d'eminement pedant et artificiel de ce film, qui me l'a rendu totalement hermetique alors meme qu'il suscitait mon interet a la base. Pour ne rien arranger, si Balasko livre une tres belle interpretation, Depardieu et Bouquet sonnent faux au possible.

Jo Y (jp) wrote: I love Marlon Brando...

Greg W (au) wrote: seeing Lancaster play bad and menacing so convincing like Robert Mitchum in 'night of the hunter"

Rmy V (ca) wrote: Kevin Spacey is quite good in this.

ATJ W (it) wrote: Remember This Movie-It's a Score!Remember the Titans is quite simply one of the greatest sports movies ever made. From tensions to touchdowns, the film follows the true story of a high school football team that defies all odds by coming together and overcoming racial differences. Set in Virginia in the 1970's, the film delves into tensions involving school segregation. A federal mandate to desegregate closed the white and black high schools and students were sent to T.C. Williams High School. Successful football coach Bill Yoast (Will Patton) was replaced by black coach Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) in an attempt to suppress negativity from the community. Coach Boone accepted the position and Yoast grudgingly accepted an assistant coaching position. The initial challenge the athletes faced came while attending training camp, however. Tensions rose and fights broke out, but coach Boone kept his team in check. He forced the team members to spend time together and get to know each other as people rather than colors. A morning run to the Gettysburg battlefield was a reminder that the battle the team was fighting was the same as their ancestors'. Once those racial walls were broken down, the athletes returned home where the real challenge awaited them: the responsibility to exemplify what they had learned. The film shows racial issues of that time period, but spends more time showing the football team's accomplishments. Nevertheless, the film is still an excellent feel-good movie with emotional scenes between athletes and coaches, the Gettysburg scene being one of the best. Unlike other sports films that focus on successes and trials of individual athletes (e.g. When the Game Stands Tall or 1000 to 1), Remember the Titans is a comeback story about a team's hardships. Remember the Titans is a step above other sports films because the historical and emotional lessons it teaches are fantastic. The film is a successful interpretation of societal issues from the 1970s while incorporating a high school football team's story of overcoming adversity.

Danielle A (kr) wrote: This still holds up. It is one of Ben Stiller's better movies. Lin Shaye is hilarious! Highly recommend.

Kris W (nl) wrote: "This wasn't their war but it was their story...and they wouldn't let it go!" "Dateline: Central America. The First Casualty of War is the Truth." Hackman and Nolte are great together, and Ed Harris has a nice supporting role. [first lines] Russell Price: Can I get a ride? Claire: You're going to love this war... Russell Price: Hmmm. Claire: Good guys, bad guys and cheap shrimp. Claire: Did you dream about Miss Panama last night? Russell Price: No, I dreamed about you. Claire: Have a good time? Russell Price: Yeah, and you did too! Oates: How d'ya like Nicaragua? Russell Price: It's beautiful. Oates: Yeah, it's a shitload of Greasers though, you know. Russell Price: Pardon my French, but who's fucking side are you on? Marcel Jazy: I work for everyone. Russell Price: That's a great job! Russell Price: [In Spanish] Do you know who controls this area? Sandinista with radio: [In Spanish] Who knows? Claire: You chose the wrong side. Marcel Jazy: In twenty years we shall know who's right. Marcel Jazy: I like you people, but you are sentimental shits! You fall in love with the poets; the poets fall in love with the Marxists; the Marxists fall in love with themselves. The country falls in love with the rhetoric, and in the end we are stuck with tyrants. Woman in refugee camp: [looking at picture of dead Alex Grazier on TV] Did you know the man who was killed? Claire: [she nods 'yes'] Woman in refugee camp: Fifty thousand Nicaraguans have died and now a Yankee. Perhaps now America will be outraged at what has happened here. Claire: Perhaps they will. Woman in refugee camp: Maybe we should have killed an American journalist fifty years ago. Russell Price: [At the rebels victory parade] What the hell are you doin' here? Oates: It's a free country. I mean... it's free now anyway. Oates: [Drinking from a cup] Nica libre - rum and coke and no ice. You want some? Oates: [Price ignores him and Oates looks mildly concerned] You weren't gonna turn me in, are you? Oates: [Price walks away without a word and Oates smiles and shouts] See ya in Thailand! [last lines] Claire: Do you think we fell in love with too much? Russell Price: I'd do it again.