La desconocida

La desconocida


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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La desconocida torrent reviews

F B (ru) wrote: Watchable low standard B movie with dreadful acting. Fortunate it was a very simple film and not too long.

Bianca W (mx) wrote: I'm not a wine drinker so I wasn't fully into this movie. Whereas I am very interested in Maynard Keenan, this documentary didn't grab me.

Amanda H (jp) wrote: This has been done before, but it's got some truly funny moments and most of the characters are really likeable. Don't expect to see anything refreshing or exciting, but if you're up for a harmless little comedy with no particular purpose, this is pretty good.

Hanna H (br) wrote: So...I can't properly review this seeing as though I fell asleep half-way through (It's only 1.5 hours long...felt like 2.5 hours). But that fact could also be the basis for how incredibly boring this movie was. There was nothing "special" about their special relationship that I saw. I will say though that Dennis Quaid surprised me as Bill Clinton. I initially couldn't see that working, but it did for the most part. Michael Sheen is a great actor as well, but the movie was so dull that you can barely even notice either of the main actors' talents.

Alex K (mx) wrote: Full of really annoying characters who fortunately die, which they certainly deserve to. I guess someonr once went to a party a lot like the one in he film and decided the best thing that could have happened was for everyone to die.

Erik W (it) wrote: This movie is criminally underrated for what it is. It's creepy (it relies a little too much on "jump scares" for my liking) dark, and turns a classic children's tale on its head. The acting and overall style is a little bland, as were most mainstream horror movies from this time period, but it's still enjoyable. The review on the poster art that it, "Runs rings around 'The Ring'" is so untrue its painful, but that's not the film's fault. Worth the watch, nothing tremendous though. I don't understand why so many people hate this the way they do.

a m (it) wrote: Not mentioning the horrible love story and that disastrous happy ending over the roof, on the course of introducing a Manic-Depressive, I was hoping for a little bit more of reality. It is of course not possible to argue why Mr. Jones was like this or that in his Manic states, there are varieties for every patient's symptoms, however the superficial characters of both Dr. Browen and Mr. Jones, ruined it.

Steve H (jp) wrote: Shocked to see the negative ratings. This is a really fun & quirky film.

Joseph H (fr) wrote: its a pretty messed up movie,its weird,but u should watch it.