La dialectique peut-elle casser des briques?

La dialectique peut-elle casser des briques?


Imagine a kung fu flick in which the martial artists spout Situationist aphorisms about conquering alienation while decadent bureaucrats ply the ironies of a stalled revolution. This is what you'll encounter in René Viénet's's outrageous refashioning of a Chinese fisticuff film. An influential Situationist, director René Viénet's stripped the soundtrack from a run-of-the-mill Hong Kong export and lathered on his own devastating dialogue. A brilliant, acerbic and riotous critique of the failure of socialism in which the martial artists counter ideological blows with theoretical thrusts from Debord, Reich and others. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


La dialectique peut-elle casser des briques? torrent reviews

Shawn R (ru) wrote: A good/bad horror movie.

Nicholas I (fr) wrote: A film with stupid, unfunny, horrible jokes, laughable acting, pitiful writing and aimless direction. A cinematic shame and terrible entry in the comedy genre..

Barry Y (gb) wrote: Great movie that examines how the Bible is used to judge and to hate gay people.

Jess L (fr) wrote: Apparently this film is an "edgy relationship comedy" nothing could be further from the truth

dean h (us) wrote: not to bad of a sequel for a family movie for young ones...

Aaron G (mx) wrote: I admit it's been a while since I've seen it, but I remember enjoying the hell out of it.

Deborah W (ca) wrote: a good family movie.

X s (us) wrote: What the Fucking cold heartless Psychic bastards they were !

Michael T (jp) wrote: Slow-moving, talky and violent.

Colin B (us) wrote: A pretty typical sword and sandal (or peplum if you wish) but done with striking colours that add a more fantastical feeling to the picture. The Underworld and climatic battle scenes are lit with mucho gusto (making it more horror-like atmosphere). Although Reg Park is no Olivier, he is a fitting actor to be Hercules (strong, not too quick but clever too). Christopher Lee is especially perfect as the treacherous tyrant. One can see why Bava directed him again. This was Bava's first official directorial picture done in colour. And he was off to a very good start.

Curtis C (kr) wrote: Gorgeous! I've seen only 2 of Katherine Hepburn's films and I thought she was fantastic in this!

Art S (ag) wrote: Strange, sombre, almost morose "fantasy" film starring 12-year-old Dean Stockwell as an orphan who wakes up one morning to find that his hair has turned green. Immediately, the people of the town (and, of course, the other kids) begin to distance themselves from him, so you get the feeling that this is a film about how terrible we are to those who are different. But, no, instead the boy is told in a dream that the green hair is meant to attract people's attention so that then he can deliver them a fervent anti-war message. Director Joseph Losey was a friend and colleague of Bertolt Brecht - but his famed alienation techniques don't really seem to be on display here; instead the leftist message would end up getting Losey ensnared by the HUAC hearings a few years later (but he escaped to build a distinguished career abroad including a strong partnership with Harold Pinter). Aiding the downbeat tone is the choice of jazz standard "nature boy", full of minor chords, as a riff to fill the soundtrack. Even Pat O'Brien's Irish ballads can't cut the gloom and the actor seems at sea, especially because his role (as foster grandfather) calls for him to betray the poor poor boy with the green hair. An oddity.

Walter M (mx) wrote: "Appointment with Crime" starts with a smash and grab going badly awry for Leo Martin(William Hartnell) as he is not only arrested but breaks his wrists in the bargain. Still feeling the pain years later when he is released from jail, he seeks revenge on his two former partners, Gus Loman(Raymond Lovell) and Hatchett(Victor Weske), by first trying to shake down Loman for money. Loman then tries to double cross Martin but he beats him to the punch, using a dance hall girl, Carol(Joyce Howard), as an alibi. What separates "Appointment with Crime" from other crime movies is the character of Leo Martin. Unlike many other characters seeking revenge, Martin's rationale is purely imaginary because there is nothing Loman or Hatchett could have done to help him when he got arrested. Normally, there is at least some actual reason involved like the death of a family member or the kicking of a beloved animal(unleashing hordes of undying PETA ninjas) which still does not excuse the acts of violence in any case. So, while not thinking coherently, Martin passes up a chance to lead an honest life while his old partners have at least given the appearance of going straight or gay, as the case may be.

Karl G (it) wrote: Felt like something was missing, that's right a story! Just running around from house to shop to church WTF. And the ending, Jesus, did the editor fall asleep!

Michael H (ru) wrote: Yawnsome but sumptuous attempt live action attempt at bringing the Japanese cult anime to life. I really wanted to like this mainly as everyone kinda hated it but it just doesn't work. Visually it feels as if someone has crushed Skittles into your eyes and is simultaneously vomit-inducing and beautiful. The film has been laboured and given plenty of love but has no spark with the middle section dragging intensely and the races themselves being curiously dull and unengaging. It looks fantastic on Blu-ray however but sadly that's about all I can recommend about it.

Bobby N (au) wrote: Loved it. Original story with a nice flow. Nice little flick.

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