La dottoressa ci sta col colonnello

La dottoressa ci sta col colonnello

Colonel Anacleto Punch, military doctor, falls in love with the beautiful and sensual South African Dr. Eve Russell, specializing in transplants. Thinking that his manhood is not adequate for the beautiful colleague, decides to do a transplant with the unsuspecting nurse prawn, that with women has always been successful. But the end result will not be as anticipated.

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La dottoressa ci sta col colonnello torrent reviews

Kenneth L (fr) wrote: Superhuman mutigenesis born of the perpetual need for warrior supremacy wreaks its inevitable havoc.

Jeff B (it) wrote: Fragmented and nonsensical.

Austin M (nl) wrote: A good solid horror film with a nice twist that I didn't see coming at the end.

Rylee J (jp) wrote: A beautifully well-written and well-cast movie of the fictional early life of Jane Austen. Anne Hathaway blows me away with every movie she makes and James McAvoy brings such emotion and realness to his romance movie characters. Both actors share a beautiful chemistry that support such a heartbreaking love story.

Lee (gb) wrote: Erotic thriller where sexual tension and jealousy is rife between a couple of tourists and a local deck hand who become stranded on a small isolated island after their tour boat catches fire and sinks. The film would be damn nigh unwatchable were it not for one of the worlds most beautiful women Kelly Brook, who poses her way through the film like shes on an FHM shoot baring her natural assets with little persuasion. It's mostly tedium to endure in this though with boring scenes of fishing and childish petty squabbling. Billy Zane provides a few fun moments as he's eventually driven mad by jealousy and he's the only character I felt a shred of sympathy for. It's a poor film, strictly for fans of Kelly Brook's body.

James H (jp) wrote: Fair to poor thriller, uneven with a kind of stupid plot. The acting is so-so.

bill s (nl) wrote: If I had to watch a tearjerker,at least this one's well acted.

Dan N (es) wrote: Very good. Has aged well.

Sofia B (ag) wrote: Uneven yet interesting film with a great cast.

Phil P (jp) wrote: "Muffsia" say it again

Shane D (gb) wrote: Holy shit. More to come on this little doozy when I've got the time, but for now holy shit...

Blais E (nl) wrote: Almost as viscerally-nasty & comically-perverse as its predecessor, overflowing with copious amounts of fountaining grue--an oddly-effective combo of Lovecraft & Shelley (Lots of "Bride of Frankenstein" references-) with Jeffrey Combs & David Gale reprising their wacked-out roles from the original, with each bringing back equal doses of gleefully-ghoulish enthusiasm to the dissecting table. Standouts in the cast are the portly Claude Earl Jones as the dangerously-clueless flatfoot who learns too much, too late, and the statuesque & buxom Kathleen Kinmont as the tragically unfortunate victim of Herbert West's new round of morbid experiments. Gotta dig Dr. Hill's bat-winged flying head!!

Eric H (kr) wrote: This drama is a jewel among the films directed by Louis Malle. It has an excellent acting of Burt Lancaster as Lou, and then young Susan Sarandon. Lou is an old man who used to talk too much about things he never did. He liked to say that he worked with Al Capone, Luciano and other gangsters, and that he was famous in Las Vegas. Lou, in conclusion, talked a lot but did little. However, he was able to find means for his subsistence, being the lover and servant of an old woman, and taking numbers from different people for playing illegal lottery in Atlantic city. His life was blessed the day he met a young guy who was stealing coca left in a telephone cabin. Lou knew the entire guy was doing with the drug, he was able to involve himself in this business, and continued smuggling even after the guy was discovered and killed by the true smugglers. Lou made a lot of money and, by coincidence, wanted the guy's wife (Sally). He made a lot of good services to her when her husband was killed, and finally could touch her body as he desired. Lou also was able to kill the true smugglers. He could not believe it when he did. This incidence forced Lou and Sally to leave Atlantic city for a while. The fact is that he knew well that Sally was to leave him and to take some money from him, and he let her go and came back to Atlantic City continuing smuggling. Lou was a person who talked too much and wanted to show himself as a great man, he was also kind with his friends. Nearly at the end of the film when he read the news of two smugglers killed, he innocently told the receptionist of the hotel that he was the killer, something that the receptionist took as a lie.

Senor C (ca) wrote: Wicked LSD flash backs that cause extreme pattern baldness & psychotic behavior. Blue Sunshine is alright for the most part but I hate when movies give you credits to read to find out the rest of the story when there really should be another reel of film. Maybe they didn't have the money or didn't want to stretch an already thin film over 2 hours. I did like when one of these trippin psychos freaked out @ a disco though & was incompensated by the music..I thought it would make him wanna boogie

Bill M (ag) wrote: You know its going to be grim when Dana Andrews is meant to be the ray of sunshine.

Erin D (ca) wrote: yes Jack Black can be annoying at times, but this is a feel good movie that sings to your soul of rock, with a lot of young talent to boot.

Martin H (kr) wrote: It's a solid Karate Kid entry and rounds up the original trilogy well. Obviously Mr Mayagi returns for the next instalment, but the story of Daniel is finished here and that itself is emotional. There's such terrific chemistry between Mayagi and Daniel that it's hard to replace. 7/10

Ted W (it) wrote: people love to hate Paul haggis. I don't know why. I am no philistine yet I loved Crash. I loved Third Person too, just not as much. it's more cohesive than crash, but not quite as moving. it really defies description without spoiling the plot.