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Olivier B (fr) wrote: D'abord, j'ai pr (C)f (C)r (C) ce film Laurence Anyways pour beaucoup de raisons. L'histoire, le d (C)nouement, les prises de vue, l'ambiance, les gros plans, le jeu des personnages fleur de peau, etc. D'une sensibilit (C) extrme, Tom la ferme n'a aucune longueur inutile. La tension se sent tout le long du film, absolument marquant au final. Une m (C)chante claque psychologique. J'ai eu la chance de le voir au FNC le 11 octobre 2013 mais il sort uniquement en hiver 2014 pour les int (C)ress (C)s. C'est un incontournable, d'une puissance rare.

Kali L (gb) wrote: Those golden retriever puppies might look so mushy-gusy adorable, but the bad lines and making a new word by simply switching one part of it with "paw" or "dog" just does not catch my attention. This is my opinion, so you may beg to differ.

Heather M (nl) wrote: The underlying story was very disturbing, but Sofia's search for the truth about her friend's suicide was very well told. The cast was good and that ending was much deserved.

Chris O (jp) wrote: Not to the taste of most Americans, this is a beautifully filmed contemplation on the nature of brotherhood and the effect of discovered secrets in the relationship of a pair of twins on a road trip to attend the funeral of the mother they've never known. The boys clearly feel strongly for each other but have trouble dealing with some of the events that occur on the road to Spain.

Donald H (jp) wrote: Good movie, but needed to focused more on her writing.

Jacob T (mx) wrote: James Toback is a dirty old man, but at least he's open about it, even going so far as to give himself a fairly meaty role as a skeezy college professor. For its faults, and no one can deny them, it's still a very funny and often complex love note to Neve Campbell's back.


Tatsuhito K (de) wrote: Although it is overly long and there are some things in it that are unnecessary and don't make much sense, I have to say "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" still holds up to this day. It is solidly directed (kudos to Gore Verbinski) and competently made, a lot of the practical effects and visual effects do not feel dated, but more importantly, the film wouldn't have worked without Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow. He makes this character so charming and likable, and the film wouldn't have been as fun as it was if he had played it straight. The action in the final act is a lot of fun, and Hans Zimmer's iconic theme song totally enhances the experience. I do have some major issues with the film, and one of them being the first 35 minutes. Everything that happens in here have absolutely nothing to do with the main story, and I just thought it could've been a lot shorter. Also, there are some events that make no sense in terms of plot, and I was slightly bored when that was happening. But overall, I have to admit I had a good time watching the film. It is a perfectly enjoyable family entertainment.

Stephen E (br) wrote: "Basquiat" is a film comprised of a great cast and great performances, but neither made me feel connected to the characters. Even when the film ended, I remained distant. I can't even recall much of what I watched. Now, I'm sure that the life of the celebrated artist Jean Michel Basquiat was an interesting one; it just deserved to be made into a better film than this.

Randy P (it) wrote: It is twisted. The first forty minutes is the best forty minutes of the movie.

Sandra S (ru) wrote: This is not the best of the batch of "time travel via stasis" films that came out in the late 80's early 90's

Jayakrishnan R (mx) wrote: 86%12/10/2013Equilibrium is not like most of the sci-fi films that i have seen, but it has a lot of heart and emotion. Christine Bale again shines in a role that couldn't have given him much scope. There are lot of emotionally gripping scenes in this film. This film was made with a budget of just 20 million and the plus point is that it doesn't look that cheap. Unfortunately Equilibrium was a flop( mostly due to the over abundant negative reviews, one thing I really hate about Hollywood and America). This film seems to be influenced from The Matrix series a lot, but it is the first time since watching The Matrix that I feel impressed by a neo version of an action film. This film has one drawback, it has a rushed off ending and the over pacing was unnecessary. It could have easily been avoided. Other than this, Equilibrium is a fine film filled with a lot of plot twists.

Jake G (ru) wrote: Funny enough I guess

Rawballs B (ca) wrote: So far to be a SCREAM thing... At least they tried. Good for them...

Bill K (jp) wrote: I turned this off half way through.

Thiago B (it) wrote: Strong performances and decent intentions are not enough to make Jenny's Wedding an enjoyable feature, working out just as hand-holding growth exercises for closed-minded conservatives

Edith N (au) wrote: Better Than Anticipated Honestly, Antonio Fargas may well be the best part of this, and his Lindy is certainly the most sociologically interesting character. Yeah, you've got a lot of the token rebels, the same sorts who populate most movies set in this time and this general place. The Muslim, the Maoist, the slightly suspicious reverend, and so forth. However, the way they interact is the way they interacted in dozens of movies before, would in dozens of movies yet to come. Even the funny bits aren't terribly surprising. However, swishing through it all is the delightfully flaming Lindy, so confident in himself that he effectively puts down the Muslim (in a scene which makes it into [i]The Celluloid Closet[/i]). The part that's truly surprising is that, yes, the Muslim is the only one who really seemed to have a problem with Lindy. Even that almost seems to be because he needs a way to feel superior to the others. We are spending a day at the car wash. This is an old-fashioned hand-wash place run by Mr. Barrow (Sully Boyar) and staffed with your requisite wacky crew. Honestly, they all kind of run together. A few stand out--Lindy, naturally, and Duane/Abdullah (Bill Duke). TC (Franklyn Ajaye), who spends the whole day trying to win tickets from a radio station and then convince I think Mona (Tracy Reed) to go out with him. There are all sorts of hijinks and all sorts of crazy customers. There's no real coherent story here; it's just a bunch of stuff that happens. But even though I can't safely identify much of anyone here by name, many of them are distinct enough so that you can pick them out while watching the movie. One character, Lonnie (Ivan Dixon), is trying to raise a family on not enough money, and the ideas he has to make the car wash make more money are being ignored. One character is in a debate with his girlfriend about going back to school. Two of the characters seem to have a minor rivalry of pranks with one another. And so forth. And then there's gratuitous George Carlin as a taxi driver who spends the entire movie looking for a prostitute, actually credited as "Marlene the Hooker" (Lauren Jones), who stiffed him for a fare. The idea that he's not going to do anything about it by searching for her all day does not occur to him. There is also gratuitous Richard Pryor as "Daddy Rich," a minister who's open about the fact that he wants money, and lots of it, from his flock. He's also followed by the inexplicable presence of the Pointer Sisters. He holds a little court at the shoeshine rack (I'm not sure who plays the shoeshine man), then goes away again. Obviously, most of the movie plays out as "then goes away again," but of all those people, only Richard Pryor (onscreen maybe five or ten minutes) makes it onto the poster. It's pretty clear that anyone could have played the part, but Richard Pryor earned them money. This is almost by definition a cult movie. There are only a couple dozen reviews by professional critics here on the site, but they're almost all positive. Hardly anyone has heard of this movie at all, frankly. I'd only heard about it from the aforementioned [i]Celluloid Closet[/i] appearance. It would not come up in a Blaxploitation search, because it really isn't. It's just a simple, silly comedy. Roger compares it to [i]M*A*S*H[/i], and I can go there. Okay, I haven't seen the movie version of [i]M*A*S*H[/i] in years--I think I saw it on [i]Dialing for Dollars[/i] when I was living in Port Angeles--and didn't much like it, but from what I recall of it, I can see the similarity in feel. There are plots here, but they almost don't matter. Do we care if Irwin (Richard Brestoff) succeeds in swaying anyone to the wisdom of Chairman Mao? We do not. (I note that he refers to a quote as being from "Ibid," which proves a bit about his educational standing.) We don't have to. It's just a bunch of stuff that happens. In the end, it's the people who matter, not the plot. Marlene spends, judging by what's going on outside, at least an hour in the car wash bathroom getting ready for going to "work." We don't know for sure who Joe is and why she's trying to get in touch with him, but the movie is really just presenting us with a portrait. A series of portraits. This is not great art, but it's not really trying to be. Honestly, little effort seems to be put into much of anything. It just fits together. George Carlin gets to ramble for a minute or two at a time at the beginning, and then he just sort of pops up demanding to know if anyone has seen a tall, blonde black woman. It really doesn't matter beyond that. The customers with the dog are just there to be customers with a dog. And so forth. That's just how things go at that car wash. We don't know how things will go tomorrow. We don't know how things went yesterday. And in the end, we don't have to. It's just what happened today.