La estrella de Sierra Morena (1952) torrents full movies


La estrella de Sierra Morena


La estrella de Sierra Morena is the best funny movie of Víctor López Iglesias (dialogue), José Palma (story), Ramón Perelló (screenplay), Ramón Perelló (story), Ramón Torrado. This movie was introduced in 1952. There are many actors in this movie torrents, such as Lola Flores, Rubén Rojo, José Nieto, Manolo Morán, Fernando Fernández de Córdoba, Félix Fernández, Fernando Sancho, Raúl Cancio, Juan Vázquez, José Isbert, Antoñita Ariel, Juana Mansó, Félix Briones, Casimiro Hurtado, Arturo Marín. The kind of movie are Drama. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 5 in We have a good movies torrent. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 96 minutes. KimHoaNg is interesting uploader, she is very proactive. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Excited', so what is your thought. Do you know what are customers? ChimTo is the best. I don't fight my iPad screen. Share this movies torrent to support us . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

La estrella de Sierra Morena torrents

La estrella de Sierra Morena full movie

La estrella de Sierra Morena1952 torrent

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Users reviews

Aswin W (ca)

very good movie and funny

Ben R (ag)

This also makes a good movie to people about it when you want to recommend a messed up movie to a newbie. All in all this is worth a one time watch at best, just to say you've seen it. The two female leads got on my nerves and overacted to comical effect in most "serious" scenes. Brad Renfro was decent in this but Nick Stahl was not believable at all as the rotten asshole character. that was stretched out just to make its running time. . . It felt at times like there was only about an hour of actual content here. Overly long and extremely hard to watch at times because of the subject matter but more so because of the annoying acting

Christophe B (ru)

Pendant l'occupation allemande

Dave H (es)

But I was mainly fascinated by the way his hair cowlick kept changing sides. I liked it well enough. Which means kids who haven't been overexposed to these fables and cliches will love it. The story is as unoriginal as they come. The action, animation, humour and voicework are all great. Caught most of this while mere metres from the Borocay tide

Isabelle W (mx)

Embora baseado na histria poltica da Grcia, Costa-Gravas omite em seu filme o nome do pas retratado e assim faz uma excelente denncia em aspecto mundial. Um deputado de esquerda assassinado durante uma comisso e comea-se a investigar o caso, onde descoberta grande corrupo por parte do governo de direita ao buscar se livrar de seus opositores e de testemunhas que confirmem seu envolvimento no crime. Clssico filme poltico de Costa-Gavras

John S (fr)

hipCRANK. A Halloween staple? Why yes. Driven by an ominous soundtrack courtesy of the squeaky (a tad over the top) violin by Sarah Neufeld and guttural baritone sax of Colin Stetson, "Lavender's" ghostly intensions are very clear from the outset, yet the development of the reveal is superbly played out for a frenzied finale. Soon well dusted history is being unravelled, and the creepiness creeps in. A car roll really gets the story moving. She lives a normal, family life, until she starts to experience hazy visions. There's something up with Jane. But like with most such matters, is totally worth the wait. An old fashioned ghost story where suspense and mystery drive the plot down a series of winding, but scenic roads, "Lavender" is a chilly watch that takes it's pretty little time

Jools A (au)

If you ever wonder how many ways you can use carrots to kill people, this is a must watch. The producer claims that the film is intended to poke fun at the Americans obsession with guns, breasts and violence; but the only people I'm laughing at are those who actually made this film. Call it a black comedy or a comedy-action all you want, garbage is still garbage. I promised myself that I will not waste more than twenty minutes to review this film, so suffice to say, it's basically action choreographed for a 9 year old, plot written for a 12 year old, and a patience challenge for a saint. In order to salvage the film with some eye-candy, the plot will also include Smith attempting to hide the baby with a lactating prostitute named Donna (Bellucci). As Smith dashes through a series of jaw-dropping stunts where "villains shoot a thousand times but miss and hero shoots once it's bullseye", he soon realises the hunt for baby Oliver is ridiculously tied to a politic scandal. Owen stars as Smith, a drifter who can't stop chewing on carrots like Bugs Bunny, and ends up saving the life of a baby named Oliver from being hunted by a group of hitmen led by Karl Hertz (Giamatti). I still find it hard to believe that a credible ensemble like Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti and Monica Bellucci can exist in a wretched quality film like this. It's pretty easy to deduce, when you can't make a decent horror movie, you make a comedy-horror (Monster Man); and when you know you will fail in coming up with a watchable action flick, you make a comedy-action (Shoot 'Em Up). And hence, another why-even-bother film makes its way to the big screens to torture our eyes and insult our intelligence. When your resume's most popular item reads Monster Man (2003 starring Eric Jungmann), you know directors like Michael Davis has only so much to offer. OK I don't usually review full-on action films but I just needed to write one for Shoot 'Em Up

Kenny N (gb)

Avoid the controversy and just stick with "The Fly" for some really great body horror. Besides the unanswered "rape or not" question, there are plenty of other ways in which this movie shoots itself in the foot and, like a zombie, keeps lurching forward. But this is one of those horror movies where EVERYONE is a complete and utter moron (especially the bitchy protagonist, who I recognized from "Me and You and Everyone We Know," another movie about sex that was disturbing and disgusting-and it wasn't even a horror movie!) 50%? Far too generous. Was the aftermath of the descent into a zombie-like state for Samantha the result of a "hot one night stand" (as the promotional material states) or a rape (as it seems to be depicted in the film)? I shudder to think. There's been a lot of controversy surrounding this one. No stars

Lisa S (fr)

Wow, why do we need so many of these guys becoming dogs movies? I don't like that idea, but I did find this movie to be pretty funny because of Chevy, so it was fun

Sarah P (it)

Completely recommend this movie for anyone interest. This film's paradoxical theme of a zombie finding love is very entertaining and extremely clever. Humor and love found in the middle of a zombie apocalypse