La fame e la sete

La fame e la sete

Alex, Ivo and Pacifico three Sicilian twin brothers are reunited for their father's funeral. Alex is the only one who has never left home, a no gooder photographer, fat and happy to be ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny F (ru) wrote: The movie was truly inspiring

Michael L (ru) wrote: I really miss the days when Susan Seidelman could get a good film made. With THE HOT FLASHES, she's got a pretty winning cast who really seem to be having fun but they're all done in by a one-dimensional by-the-book screenplay filled with every older female cliche imaginable. Just a little bit of wit, character, and less perfunctory direction could have at least made THE HOT FLASHES fun. Can this really be made by the woman who brought us SMITHEREENS and DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN? I'm still rootin' for you Siedelman!

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Ted W (es) wrote: I've made a commitment to rewatch all three Snipes Blade films. I think this one gets higher marks than deserved because of the striking Del Toro visuals, however it's full of sound and fury and is merely posturing to look cool. Everyone, however, is earnest enough in their roles to make it professional, slick and diverting.

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Allan C (br) wrote: Corny, old fashioned western about post-civil war reb Gary Cooper seeking revenge on carpetbaggers who killed his family. Nothing original to make it stand out from the hundreds of other Hollywood westerns, but Cooper is solid, there's a typically good Max Steiner score and a decent supporting cast that includes Raymond Massey, Leif Erickson and Antonio Moreno.