La febbre

La febbre

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Ted W (mx) wrote: Terrible stupid boring Tyler Perry movie. Theirs barely any madea in this movie, I hoped that madea would be in every second of this movie but nope, this movie is about a junkie prostitute and her old friend from her childhood because she doesn't want to be a prostitute anymore and wants to get off the street. When madea shows up she is super funny but this movie has a little part of madea but just slaps her name on the movie so people would watch it so this movie just reflects around a guy and his fiance and the guy has a friend who wants a better life and I hate that about this movie.

Travis T (br) wrote: i thought it was kinda funny, but mostly worthless

Shaun M (fr) wrote: 2LDK is truly a film of two halves - the former portion of the film is a telling psychological exploration of the fragility of human relations. The latter half is one long, superbly-crafted cartoon-esque fight scene. Slickly directed with a dash of humour, and its 67-minute running time accomodating the minimalist narrative, 2LDK is something of a minor masterwork.

Raymond W (ru) wrote: Doesn't even come close to the original.

Crystal J (mx) wrote: I love this movie! Makes me cry every time.

Sophy L (de) wrote: I adore this film. It is beautiful, like most Merchant Ivory's. For anyone interested in any of his work, be it painting, prints, drawings, sculptures, or ceramics this film is a must see. It lets you understand the man behind the works. I wrote my MA thesis with this on in the background.

Anthony H (mx) wrote: It's interesting as a look into the worlds greatest director as an amateur; other than that, Fear and Desire is an unnecessary and poorly crafted misfire.

Russ B (ca) wrote: 1/3/2015: Meh. A decent cast and only somewhat interesting.

Neilio O (us) wrote: Soulful, authentic and disarmingly uplifting. Beautiful and attuned performances and sensitive, provocative direction. A lyrical and offbeat underdog of a film that does not disappoint. Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldana are superb.

Ennis Brokeback L (kr) wrote: Definitely a chick flick but enjoyable in a cheesy 80s way.