La fiesta

La fiesta

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:party,   deception,   weekend,  

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La fiesta torrent reviews

JohnnyLee T (ca) wrote: Fun if at times frenetic. Rockwell is perfect. I was left a bit uneasy by the ending even though it rounded everything off nicely.This is like an updated 40s romantic thriller with a comedy thrown in.

Greg F (br) wrote: There's a point all are missing here. Better movies like The Hangover and Old School don't ask us to question the culture of drinking and debauchery. They only celebrate it. Those movies are good in their own ways, but the point is they are a different genre.Whether purposeful of not, Max shows us the dark side of the overpriliged sexist party culture that is everywhere in America. We came to have a good time, but leave the movie with a deep, dark sadness after seeing what a meaningless life people like Tucker Max have.The movie is not a comedy but a curious dark tragedy. Think of the story in the tradition of Bukowski or Hunter Thompson. The interest is to see how deep and dark people can fall, and what we learn about ourselves in viewing this.Of course, probably this movie was intended to be funny and cool, and just discovers this bizarre world as Max is awful at making film. Apologies to Bukowski and Thompson for mentioning both in the same line as Max, as those are actually good authors and worthy human beings.----------------But still, one has to wonder about a few things. There were funny, entertaining anecdotes in the books. There was even funny bar dialog. Why did Max choose only the worst stories and dialog to reproduce?I imagine his subconscious made a heroic save to sabotage the movie. As nobody knows how shit this macho party culture is more than Max, he deep down wanted to save others from it. Max leads a sad life, but at least has enough intelligence to share it with others. When he dies, he should not think, 'I led a completely meaningless life'. He should think, 'I led a completely disgusting, meaningless life that was at least moderately well documented.'

Jennifer A (au) wrote: Its a fucking croc!!!

intuciic (ag) wrote: just loved this movie! inspiring!

Kurt B (mx) wrote: The films take most of its setting in the later days of the French empire in Africa after a man signs up for the foreign legion to escape some local mafia. Everything seemed authentic within the film and I was very pleased to see him get away from the woman he loved and didn't have to bother saving her throughout the film. These sort of films don't seem to be made anymore which is sad because I love the classics such as Zulu but the nearest films that seem to be made about the ages of the empires is crap like the Patriot which any self respecting English person cannot watch. The story was packed with action throughout and kept me on edge, fair enough there were some mistakes in the films such as most of the actors were British pretending to do a French accent which you could see through easily and in one battle scene you couldn't hear the sound of his gun shots which was weird but all this can be excused. At first I thought the ending was terrible as the Arabs let him go but then if you read the history books it is recorded that at one point 3 remaining members of the foreign legion charged a whole army because they thought they had no hope of escape and the Arabs were so impressed they let the soldiers go which makes me think the ending to this film was not all that unbelievable at all and I would recommend this to anyone who searching for an exciting time.

Brent M (fr) wrote: Its a movie that shows not all families have to be dysfunctional. Russel Crowe's "quieter" role, plus is dad in this movie is just amazing.

Stephen E (jp) wrote: Solid direction but ultimately a disappointment. A few parts greatly intrigued me, but as for the rest of the film, it was pretty much routine for a crime thriller.

Sandra A (nl) wrote: Based on a true story, amazing performance by Sally Field.This story makes one truly dislike islamic countries and their antics.

Grayson W (es) wrote: While not as suspenseful or original as the first two, this Myers follow-up captures the Haddonfield atmosphere perfectly while adding some to the original story.

Constantin P (gb) wrote: one of the top 10 movies ever made.

Maria X (ru) wrote: I loved this movie, I like all 80s movies

Carlos I (de) wrote: Good black comedy...