La furia de Mackenzie

La furia de Mackenzie

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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La furia de Mackenzie torrent reviews

Colleen W (ag) wrote: I absolutely adored Last Weekend, it was such a moving, beautifully observed story about family life, class, ambition, friendship, motherhood. Gorgeous setting and great characters. A must-see!!!

Jordan L (br) wrote: One of the grossest movies ive seen. They should totally use this movie to young teens on the dangers of having unprotected sex haha. My body hurts after watching this..

Matt K (ag) wrote: Shot in shaky cam style, it's a film that relies heavily on common fears, such as being watched, and feeling unsafe, even in your homes. During this film, I got an eerie chill down my spine. Showcasing three different people, a wife and husband, a young woman, and a typical- "loser like" man, these three never met each other, yet share the same common mistake of signing up for a sweepstakes to win a free camera. It's a film that struck a cord with me, and I highly recommend it.

Aaron H (br) wrote: It's good when it's going through the more normal parts of Policing... It's not so good when it escalates towards the end.

Robert B (gb) wrote: Probably not the best movie to turn on when I know damn well I have to wake up in seven hours for my early morning run. But still one of the greatest love story/fling movies I've ever seen.

Jillian C (es) wrote: Murderous Intent (Like Minds) follows the story of a young man who is being accused of several grizzly murders. However, according to his story the murders were committed by a boy at his school who has dark hobbies, but is also now dead. I found the story very thrilling. Good acting all around and a good plot kept the movie going. I did not find it lagged at all, and it deserves a better rating. If you have the time to watch it I would see it. It is the kind of movie that sticks with you, keeps you thinking, and you die for someone to talk about the movie with.

Steve G (jp) wrote: Amazing, I've loved this ever since I first saw it as a teenager. Amazing story, characters, acting, soundtrack, everything.

Dean B (br) wrote: Entertaining if very hit-and-miss.

Paula K (gb) wrote: I am surprised I never heard of this before. A must-watch for any anarchists, union organizers, and anyone else working towards equality and justice in the "system."

Katey D (mx) wrote: Great, one of those childhood films... Like it says, it's not an adult's view on children's games, but a child's view on war.. If you haven't seen it watch it :)

Deepak A (au) wrote: Five stars purely for the captivating performance by Al Pacino. You are held enchanted by his performance and feel vicariously bound into his character. It is not the tragedy or the comedy of the plot that matters when the visceral grip of Al Pacino's acting holds you through the movie!

Christopher B (us) wrote: See a Dude take a bath, and an icon rub a feather (the wrong way).