La gallina clueca

La gallina clueca

Divorced mother struggles to raise her large family.

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Anna C (br) wrote: This is a very good movie but it made me really sad, because it's so realistic and I keep on thinking that there's too many people around like these, unfortunately.

Carol O (kr) wrote: Patricia Kaas... Je n'adhere pas... Dommage car le film aurait pu etre grandiose

Alex K (kr) wrote: My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.

Televisnostic I (es) wrote: I think I saw this before.

Thomas C (de) wrote: A pretty decent Aussie sci-fi.

Sarfara A (ag) wrote: This western of John Wayne stands firm, even with weak screenplay. Big Jake has got side-cast of sons of John Wayne, and Robert Mitchum. Filmed mostly in Durango (Mexico), capturing stunning locations. The only thing that usually made me feel awkward, is the use of vehicles in movie. John Wayne plays a veteran legendary gunslinger, whose grandson has been kidnapped for ransom of 1 million, and you better should know what happens when grandson of such a man is kidnapped. Big Jake is averagely superb western, that contains John Wayne's humor and wit, as usual.

David S (ru) wrote: One of Bunuel's few English-language film, this tale of racism and illicit desire is direct and well-shot. There are times when the motivations of the characters seem to be more about putting forth a point, but the compromised redemption that serves as the film's final moral is suitably subtle.

Gregory W (mx) wrote: great chemistry between Peck & Bacall

MF J (ca) wrote: Johnny Depp stars in this very interesting version of the story of Jack the ripper. It's well shot, well acted, too bad the ending felt so rushed or happy in a way that didn't really suited the film.

Corey B (br) wrote: Jigsaw is a freakin genius

Jacob D (kr) wrote: The best movie of the corneto trilogy and the best movie of the year.

Brad W (de) wrote: Pretty good cop drama/actioner. More great chases from Hyams. A little long in some sections though.