La gloria

La gloria


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1916
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:La gloria 1916 full movies, La gloria torrents movie

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La gloria torrent reviews

Drakov I (jp) wrote: Very interesting documentary about the shitty ways films are rated in north america.

Eric S (nl) wrote: Saw this last night and I have to say that I enjoyed it

Claudia G (br) wrote: my kind f movie. I loved it.

Noname (it) wrote: I have seen many movies like this one lately. A true story sport drama about a black swim team back in the 70s. Pretty good acting and well made movie and i enjoyed it as the other movies in its genre i have seen.

Andrew S (jp) wrote: This actually turned out to be surprisingly funny film. There are some excellent non seueteur one liners and Leslie Phillips in particular is a riot.

Kennedy A (ca) wrote: I found this film on FEARnet and watched it only because I was bored, but WOW. What a movie. Love love LOVED Reedus, and I love the twist at the end. The funny thing was, I was kind of expecting it and kind of not. It was that feeling of, "Ha, that would be awesome if they ended the movie like this, but they probably won't..." And then 20 minutes later, "HOLY JEEBUS THEY REALLY DID IT."

Jeff W (fr) wrote: Great movie for what it was.

Sgt C (es) wrote: (44%) If you want a history lesson on the attack of Peal harbour then watch this movie as this whole film is made up almost entirely of bit-by-bit recreations of the events leading up to it without any sort of character development or indeed anything to get in the way of its lecture. There's a good two hours of this movie in which not a great deal happens besides the Japanese preparing for the attack and the Americans wondering if or when it could happen, it does and we get the films highlight in some much needed action and then it ends. It is decently made with a big budget behind it and the attack itself is well done but it all looks as if the makers got wrapped up in the facts and forgot about making an entertaining movie that people would actually enjoy to watch as well as learn something from.

Tomas T (es) wrote: A simple but a very powerfull Western - the Day of the Outlaw - follows the traditional Western archtype with its powerfull men, submissive ladies and the inevitable showdown between the "good" and the bad. As stereotypical as it might sound and be, the actors in the movie give such outstanding performances that it makes the movie rise to the great western's league. A small town is resolving its inner quarrels between farmers and the town's de facto ruler, a cattle rider named Blaise, when a group of savage outlaws on the run invade the town. The town folks quickly put a side their quarrels and rally under the leadership of Blaise and try to hold out against the chaos wreaking outlaws. After few townsmen shot and some near cases of lady molesting by the outlaws, Blaise comes up with a self-sacrificing plan to lure the outlaws out of the town and save the day. The movie can be described as incredible simple and yet very powerfull. The acting of the whole cast is terriffic, directing dramatic and the typical over acting - so familiar in a classic Westerns - is done with good taste. The must be included romance sequences have some really powerfull dialogue attached to them: when Blaise and his loved one try to settle their feelings, they are very convincing. All this packed into a tight package of 1h 30min makes the Day of the Outlaw just plain great Western.

Ricardo A (us) wrote: John Cusack carries this atmospheric and claustrophobic thriller that plays with your mind.

Simon D (ca) wrote: I think this is the best vampire movie I've ever seen. I know that it's not really a strong genre but this is an impressive film. Jim Jarmusch seems to have keep the good things he is known for and learnt to use them to make films that are not boring, thank god. Good soundtrack too.

NaWie M (gb) wrote: Nice thriller if there is nothing else to watch.