La gran familia

La gran familia

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JohnnyLee T (nl) wrote: Could watch Guy Pearce in anything, but didn't finish this. Director kept us from involvement with characters with obvious camerawork and faltering conversations.

Waleed A (au) wrote: BEASTLY movie. Other than being an awesome entertaining superhero movie, i think it was a very well made movie overall. Lots of good characters and emotional moments that make you feel what they are feeling. awesome dialogue and debating. emotionally powerful, some great and creative scenes. Lots of memorable moments. An AMAZING musical score. This movie made Magneto my favorite super villain.SPOLIERSA really great origin story for how the x-men first started. the final shot of the movie where magneto saving emma frost gives me the business (4 viewings)

Dean M (nl) wrote: Cool martial arts film and I see this also has an emotionally and touching between the teacher and student. The fights range from decent to good, and the final brawl in an international kickboxing tournament is impressive. Korean actress Kim Hyun-Joo is so beautiful and Vanness Wu is okay, but theirb characters is also the weakest element of the film.

Anthony V (ru) wrote: Nice little gangster/ undercover cop drama.

Shannon K (de) wrote: Intense, a little bizarre, but haunting nonetheless.

Trefor W (ag) wrote: A low-budget rip off of Jurassic Park! Worst dinosaur film of all time! Good thing I didn't see that piece of crap.

Samuel V (ru) wrote: This movie has Inspired me so much I love this movie!

Alexander C (nl) wrote: This was a good film, funny yet sick!

Diana W (ru) wrote: Telephones...Does anyone remember telephones/telephone booths? Nice thriller...Neat twists!

Barry G (nl) wrote: Flat acting but great story

EQ R (jp) wrote: This is a great example of an "indie" film, low budget, simple concept and mostly great execution. Simple story of two baseball players making their way through a zombie apocalypse. Mostly a good "dramedy" road trip movie with a little zombie for good measure. Although it dragged in a few scenes, the performances and simple concept with some good camera work make this a very good addition to the indie horror genre. B

Gav R (ag) wrote: one of the best films of all time yet I believe the sequel was as good or even better