La gran final

La gran final

A comedy about the attempts of tribal groups around the world to watch a soccer match.

A comedy about the attempts of tribal groups around the world to watch a soccer match. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


La gran final torrent reviews

Tim P (ru) wrote: Brilliantly rubbish in every way!

Hobie P (us) wrote: Not as good as Unhappy Campers & Teenage Wasteland but better than the original!

Andrew W (gb) wrote: I wanted to like this one more then I did. It was okay, but really nothing special.

Kane H (ca) wrote: It's one of my favourite movie and it's a most see for rap fans

Joseph H (ag) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

Cade H (gb) wrote: The movie started out strong and had an fun, interesting premise. A married couple needed money and they agreed to let the wife have one night with a Billionaire, for lots of money. What comes after that however is a little weak and the relationships between the characters never feels genuine. It does get a little sad at times as you feel bad for the main characters and their decision but it could of been a little shorter and more to the point. Mainly, the concept and the plot were very cool but putting it all together in a 2 hour movie made it a little weak overall.

Jonathan S (ca) wrote: The 80's were a simple time. Stories like this one, about a boy kidnapped by a talking space craft because his brain contains the maps of the universe which got accidentally stored in his head when they bumped into each other 8 years ago, but to them it was 8 seconds because they traveled in light years and now he's back but it's the future... was just another one of those pleasant memories of my childhood. It's warm and quirky with impressive 'special effects' (as they were called back then)

Jami L (au) wrote: I happened to stumble upon this movie again, late last night. Midnight Madness is another 80s movie that I adore. It stars Michael J. Fox, in his movie debut, as Scott Larson. It's the story of an all night long scavenger hunt between five teams of college students. All the stereotypical movie groups are represented; the nerds, the meat heads, the sorority sisters, the cheaters, and the good guys everyone loves. In true 80s fashion, the acting could use some improvement, and there is the slight smell of cheese in the air. If you haven't seen it at least once, you should. It's a fun, good time film.

andi a (gb) wrote: My firs film... I fool in love

Steve S (br) wrote: **1/2 (out of four) The amiable Matthew Modine stars as a lawyer who is suicidal after the deaths of his wife and two sons in a car accident. Just as he is about to shoot himself he gets a phone call about a new court case. It involves a teenage boy (Randy Wayne) accused of murdering his girlfriend. He takes the case even though the evidence is stacked against them. Based on the popular novel, the movie version is slick and well made, but it feels more like a made-for-tv-movie and is pretty darn predictable.

Private U (gb) wrote: A classic - for photographers and movie lovers alike

Omar Q (es) wrote: I love this movie it was awesome.

Alejandro C (br) wrote: Simpatica, pero muy mala