La grande guerra

La grande guerra


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La grande guerra torrent reviews

Stefan C (es) wrote: This was an amazing film. A unlikely love story, against all odds, built up over time and space , with just the digital word, 1st in English, then Francais to bring them together. Very romantic and special little film.

Dawid P (br) wrote: przyjemna i momentami zabawna historia. mozna obejrzec i sie odmozdzyc w spokoju :)

Nick F (jp) wrote: With great visual innovation from Danny Boyle and a surprisingly stellar performance from James Franco, 127 hours delicately tells the inspiring story about a man stuck to one place yet with a sense of urgency that only Danny Boyle can bring.

Randy O (gb) wrote: This a beautiful story that captures the meaning of life...and death. A thoughtful cinematic study worth the watch...preferably with the love of your life. Like my wife and I did tonight.

Timothy R (mx) wrote: Two hours of my life I'll never get back. The soundtrack is good if you're a Dylan fan.

Simeon T (mx) wrote: Some people thought Michael Moore's appearance at Charlton Heston's house was a mean stunt, and I've come to the conclusion that they were right. Even many who agree with Moore's views see him as a showboat who plays loose with the facts. I still think this remains a marvelous documentary in spite of that. Before first seeing it, I was skeptical, as I come from a hunting family and the presence of all those hunting rifles doesn't make my family members a threat to other people. Though Moore is surely for strict gun control, that isn't what this film is about. It is about why American people shoot each other in such staggering numbers with their guns, a problem that keeps spiraling out of control. It is about the mysteries of mass psychology, how and why our country is how it is on an emotional level. Perhaps Moore would have delivered points more effectively without cheeky humor, but it is oddly the cartoon sketch by the South Park guys that illuminates the rest of the film. Moore's contention is that, going back as far as the pilgrim's, America's ruling settlers have been full of fear, of one thing or another but specifically of people of color. The notions of mass psychology and the collective unconscious are murky and perhaps impossible to fully understand, but the effects of powerful psychological problems on descendants and countries in general, even hundreds of years later, are clear. Moore hits on something very real about America, especially in scenes when he contrasts the numbers of locks on our doors compared to many Canadians who don't even lock their doors (crazy people!); and when he shows our northern neighbor's sane (thought sedate) news programs compared to our batshit variety. For whatever panoply of reasons, there is such a strong current of fear in our national psychology, and fear, perhaps more than anything else, causes humans to commit the very worst crimes against each other

Cristi B (gb) wrote: macar a facut fericit un taur

Peter P (kr) wrote: A big disappointment.

Eliabeth W (kr) wrote: this is an amazing film about 2 sisters, made me cry my eyes out at the end...very very moving and brilliantly acted by both actresses

Adrian L (au) wrote: Good performances by Jodie Foster and Mark Harmon. A nice little coming of age picture. Feel good, even though it has it's share of death in it. Enjoyable.

Benjamin D (nl) wrote: Worth it for Bobcat Goldthwait alone.

Ian R (nl) wrote: Bat shit insane. This would offend most of the population, but is freakin' great. Like nothing else out there (except maybe some other Bakshi movies). Get this a proper DVD now!