La guerre des espions

La guerre des espions


Professor Meier has stolen the plans of his own infernal machine, the T-14, and intends to sell to the highest bidder in a transaction organized in an Avoriaz hotel belonging to "Pasha", a mob boss who acts as go between. To retrieve the famous case, the SDECEE release Peter Finshh, a professional gentleman thief, from prison to return to the plans. Peter is ordered to recover the T-14 from the possession of a group of spies in Avoriaz. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zahid C (ca) wrote: Day: WednesdayDate: 24 Sep 2014Time: 10.30 pmWith: MaaOn: HDTV

Dave R (au) wrote: Well it wasn't that good really may have had one or two funny moments in it but that's really it was pretty dumb movie in fact

Barbora D (it) wrote: The movie was ok, I'd give it 3 stars but I'll give an extra half because it's good material for my thesis :p

Jamie P (kr) wrote: This movie was horrible and really slow in my opinion I am genuinely upset that I sat here and watched it.

John D (nl) wrote: Although the title specifies there's weeping involved, the ending was a little too emotional for Nietzsche.

Sara C (nl) wrote: freakling spooky. and true...WHAT!

Zarbon S (us) wrote: funny. also has my fav actor, Anthony DeSando, from the Sopranos in it.

Nigger F (ag) wrote: I really enjoyed the film although it was kind of uncomfortable whenever a Caucasian said the n word.

Josh C (fr) wrote: Absolutely horrendous. Why you should stick to the target market of the source material.

david t (jp) wrote: i would like to see this one..

Diane W (es) wrote: Could Vivien Leigh be more beautiful, Laurence Olivier more dashing?? Lovely period piece, with great costumes (check out the gorgeous Grecian-inspired peignoir in the first bedroom scene) and strong supporting cast.

Darren P (fr) wrote: a different style at but looks good

(fr) wrote: Not a movie to watch if you reside in the tri state area. HA

David G (ru) wrote: Stupid, terrible and poorly made, but it's a badass and funny film.