La Haine

La Haine

Aimlessly whiling away their days in the concrete environs of their dead-end suburbia, Vinz, Hubert, and Said -- a Jew, African, and an Arab -- give human faces to France's immigrant populations, their bristling resentment at their social marginalization slowly simmering until it reaches a climactic boiling point. La Haine means Hate.

When a young Arab is arrested and beaten unconscious by police, a riot erupts in the notoriously violent suburbs outside of Paris. The film follows 24 hours in the lives of three young men in the French suburbs the day after. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Austin D (gb) wrote: The idea for the movie is pretty intriguing. You think of someones name, the come from nowhere and reek havoc on your lives. But the question is, where did he come from? Who was The Bye Bye Man before he became a murder with some weird pets. The writing could use some work and the acting was pretty much trash but the story was a decent idea and the film was quite original. 1.5/5

Becs D (ag) wrote: I felt this film was better second time around and not post watching Luther (which it has subtle reminders of), love the bad guy of the film, made for a good character, it's pretty easy watching, not too complicated for the film genre, but worth the watch.

Harry W (ca) wrote: As The Darkest Hour had a concept involving invisible antagonists, it sounded ridiculous. But I had some hopes that it could be a guilty pleasure or a good bad movie.From the instant that the dialogue becomes prevalent, you can tell that the script is pure crap. I kept close focus on the first six lines of the script, because they were all terrible. This stayed consistent throughout the film because the script was full of cringe-worthy dialogue which was not the slightest bit funny at one point in the film. It made the film an even bigger joke than it already was, and reminder: this is a film about invisible aliens. The fact that the film has a jokey concept which takes itself too seriously is ridiculous enough already, but the script just makes it all the more worst because essentially every single line in the film is just awful. The only times when the script is not bad is when the lines are a matter of a few words, approximately three or less. Anything more will have you cringing so hard that you will need to see a dentist immediately. Films like this should not make attempts at humour because when they tackle a ridiculous plot line and yet attempt to take it seriously without any sort of fun to go with it, that is when it becomes a problem. The Darkest Hour is the kind of film that should have been reserved for Syfy or The Asylum because it could have been cheap fun in their hands, but when someone attempts to try and take it seriously with a budget of $30 million and a script which cannot carry the intended dramatic heft of the story, that is when it becomes a problem. If handled by either of them, The Darkest Hour could have been so bad that it was good. But instead, it became so bad that it was terrible and is only likely to find success in the future airing on Syfy as part of a late-night bad movie collection.The motives of so many characters are just ridiculous and senseless. For example, I have no problem spoiling the fact that one of the main characters Ben dies becase a female character was too stupid to turn and step off down into a safe place, and he had to get up, turn her slightly and nudge her down there. He died because the other characters are stupid, but more so because the writers of this preposterous film are stupid. And it is because of those kinds of reasons that audiences will find a difficult time sympathising with them. But they never had a chance because they were thin and egotistical creations from the start of the film and stay that way throughout the entire experience, and even the fact that one of them is played by the very talented actor Emile Hirsch means nothing for the film. He clearly tries, but he tries too hard for a film which has no script and so even he gets sucked into the terrible writing and lacklustre direction of the film only to turn in a senseless performance.There is no way you can build tension in a film when the enemies are invisible and the film is nothing but a cheap attempt at being a decent B-movie, and so the scenes that are mean to be intense are actually just shots of bad acting waiting in scenery that has been closed off from the real world for filming to give a feeling of isolation which it never really achieves. It just means that the film turns into a series of ridiculously prolonged and poor quality shots which are captured with well shot cinematography that never actually captures anything, although occasionally there are shots of obviously artificial Russian soldiers shooting guns, flamethrowers and missiles at invisible aliens in scenes which are ridiculously senseless. The action scenes in The Darkest Hour are just ridiculous and the novelty of them can only run for so long for people that enjoy them, whereas people who immediately find them to be stupid will just feel their brain cells depleting as the film progresses.One of the central problems with the film is that despite the fact that it projects an apocalyptic situation, the low budget of the film limits what it can do and ends up limiting the focus to a small group of characters without really showing any large groups of characters facing the turmoil outside of the small group of sh*theads that the film chronicles. I did not believe that the characters in The Darkest Hour could have survived and rather wanted them to die because the story was so awful that I just outright hated the movie. I can't say I'm surprised because with a premise like this it would take a miracle to turn it into a good film, but all it does is beg one question: why in his right mind did Jon Spaihts' script actually get greenlit? There should have been countless other films out there which could have been financed and distributed better than a terrible concept like The Darkest Hour, and the fact that Chris Gorak went ahead and made it anyway is just stupid. If he was just trying to get a job to earn some money then that's understandable, more understandable than why anyone even in Russia would finance such a terrible film. But if he thought that the film actualld had potential, he was very misguided. And you can tell this by looking at the film solely based on its trailer.The visual effects of the film were decent most of the time, although they should have been reserved for a film which intended to actually make its villains visible to the audience.So The Darkest Hour is purely a terrible film with a preposterous plot and seriously flimsy execution, a cringe worthy script and even a lack of dumb fun which could have made it a good bad movie.

Joe H (gb) wrote: Christ I'd forgotten about this one! Will give it a 3 out of fairness

Cody C (ag) wrote: piss poor movie, godly evil woman cleavage

Hugo G (au) wrote: 7.8/10Juliette Binoche was terrific as Julie, in what was another beautifully shot film by Krzysztof Kieslowski, which really showcase a very different type of cinema about women that truly is outstanding and very inspirational. He knows how to write for very human and strong women and this showcases that with Juliette's performance in very humane and ordinary situations that end up looking beautiful with an excellent cinematography. Moreover, the story was also very good that as it progressed kept getting better. And now I'm looking forward of continuing the series of Three Colors. ~February 28, 2015~

Brian C (es) wrote: What a great Korean thriller. We have an imprisoned serial killer waiting for execution, and in the meantime there is a copycat killer re-enacting the brutal murders. At the same time we have 2 detective trying to figure out the motives, the next victim, and who is behind these murders. On top of that the serial killer is taunting and manipulating the detectives, and the mystery begins to unravel. I don't want to give much away, because even explaining what 'H' means would totally ruin the brilliant ending. Needless to say, this movie does share its roots with several American thriller/serial killer movies, but there is much originality in this movie. Jin-hee Ji is excellent, although I found Jung-ah's performance to be very wooden...although perhaps that was the intention all along. All in all, definitely worth a watch

Mitchell C (ru) wrote: Neither a good spin-off from Christopher Reeve's Superman, nor a good spin-off film in its own right, Supergirl is the Superman franchise's "Catwoman".

Forrest K (jp) wrote: While the title had me expecting a much darker, more surreal Western, Fulci's tale of four petty crooks who band together and form something of a family in the face of the West's unforgiving bleakness is altogether original. Fabio Testi has a Han Solo-like charisma in the title role, and Thomas Milian is one of the West's all-time great evildoers as the villainous Chaco. Fulci's keen visual eye and the great performances really lift the material, especially in an overlong and potentially moodwrecking third act. It's an odd, thoroughly worthwhile, overlooked film that deserves to be reconsidered.

Luke A (ca) wrote: It was clever, but since it is aware of this trait, it led the movie downwards.

Gavin S (gb) wrote: A very realistic look at what is now only the near future. A great insight into something that no doubt society will be going through soon. Joaquin Phoenix does a great role holding the audiences attention to the screen as, for most of the movie, the solo actor.