La herencia del diablo

La herencia del diablo


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1917
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La herencia del diablo torrent reviews

Paul D (us) wrote: I respect the intentions of this movie, but the direction and pacing are really disappointing in this movie. Can't say that I could ever sit through this again.

Lydia G (kr) wrote: I don't normally enjoy such unabashedly arthouse films but Holy Motors really drew me in. There was something enthralling about Monsieur Oscar's 'appointments' and the bizzareness of how he came to attend them. Loved Kylie Minogue speaking French!

Yese R (es) wrote: Excellent surf movie! Loooved it!

Dave J (it) wrote: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 (2013) Lovelace DRAMA It's like watching a very poor adaption of an actual book, in this case I suspect a book written by Linda Lovelace called "Ordeal"- it's like the makers read her biography and then go 'Hey, I could make some money by making a movie out of this , and at the same time avoid paying royalties by not making it accurate' It stars Amanda Seyfried as the title character after the studio dropped Linda Lohan who was initially offered the role to play the actress starring in "Deep Throat", the first adult film playing on theatres(as I've remembered) except that the makers failed to make a point of it. It said instead that she was the first female person in film to ever show her performing a 'blow job', except that any actress who goes into porn can do exactly the same thing. Peter Sarsgaard stars as the abusive boyfriend and Sharon Stone stars as the unrecognizable mother. And I have no doubt in my mind that the book that this film may be based on is going to be better. 2 out of 4 stars

Nathan C (it) wrote: Again with the Golden Compass.This did not look good than it used to, But it does a higher rating...The film was shorter but it did get me some laughs into it.It doesn't look too bad for a teenage film but i don't need to watch it again.Score: 4.5/10

E L (it) wrote: Hard to define, there's not so much a storyline as an impressionistic progression of images, set in a town that seems to be Japanese-based but with accretion of bits and pieces of fantasy and cultures. Not to everyone's tastes, you might need to just go with it.

Janick L (ca) wrote: J'ai trouv que la ralisation laissait dsirer. Les fondus au noir sont vraiment fatiguants et inutiles. Une ralisation un peu trop tl. Le maquillage ( la tlroman de TVA) est nul. Les comdiens jeunes ne sont pas vraiment bons surtout au dbut quand ils sont trs jeune.Si on ne connait pas l'histoire du tout, on embarquerait pas du tout car le premier acte est beaucoup trop long. En fait en y repensait l'autre scnario de Luc Dionne (Monica la mitraille) avait un peu le mme problme. L'criture tl et cinma est diffrente. Disons que ces films auront eu un succs peut tre plus cause de la rputation de leur histoire dj connu de tous.Le scnario en lui est intressant, mais tant qu' faire un xime remake, on aurait pu choisir un angle diffrent. Moins axer encore et encore sur Aurore, le pre et la mre. Le thme du silence est bon, mais pas assez exploit.C'est un film qui mrite d'tre vu et que si il peut que par son coute changer les mentalits face au silence des enfants battus tant mieux. Mais disons que dans le "genre" j'ai de beaucoup prfr Elles taient cinq.

Jacob P (us) wrote: BAD. This is one of the most horrible movies I've ever seen in my life...It's supposed to be one of those dark comedy films but It even failed trying to be funny. Really bad...I'd skip this one if I were you.

Per (au) wrote: It's about a group of old friends, they team up again But somethings we changed This was also used as a theaterplay

Jesse T (gb) wrote: Eddie Furlong goes from John Connor to this...

Danielle M (ru) wrote: Touching in all aspects, addicting, and eye catching....this movie has it all. Being drawn in to the landscape one can see why anyone would want to live in a castle. Beautifully directed, beautifully scripted, along with beautiful actors and actresses. You will want to watch this movie again and again and again.

Duane C (ru) wrote: Powerful. A Gypsy "Godfather".

Brandon D (gb) wrote: bad cgi...can we outlaw cgi in horror films?

Cynthia S (ca) wrote: Decent enough movie. Nothing really spectacular, though.

Jason T (es) wrote: Proof that more can definately mean less.:-(

Greg W (mx) wrote: gr8 cast makes this one go

Another V (nl) wrote: If you're in the mood for some Jim Carrey over the holidays, here it is. The Grinch is Dr. Seuss's classic bah humbug Christmas antihero. He's a meanie. This has a bit more backstory than the original rhyming tale. We find out WHY the Grinch is so mean.

Denise W (br) wrote: Fantastic animation with wonderful characters that charm your heart to the life of little people that both kids and adults will relish viewing without silly magic for a change......