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Andy G (kr) wrote: the demented is a low budget horror movie about rabid zombies attacking teens. nothing New here. same story from other zombies movies. C-

Dave J (br) wrote: Thursday, February 16, 2012 (2005) Urban Legends: Bloody Mary HORROR Straight-to-rental third movie of the series that has nothing to do with the other two, which looks like nothing but a poor carbon copy of "Ju-On" or "The Grudge". Story starts with the year of 1969 involving three teenage jocks using the date rape drug on three different girls upon going to a prom dance, except that one of the girls, who happens to be Mary didn't take her drink and upon running away with one of them chasing her to bring her back. He eventually catches up with her and accidently kills her by punching her with his fist on the head onto a hard table before landing to the ground and decides to dispose her body to a trunk so no one wouldn't even know about it. Jump to many years later, showcasing three teenage girls who accidently wake up the Nancy ghoulish spirite, with some of those same students turning 30 years older and right off the get-go viewers should be able to find out the culprit who tried to conceal what this film calls a urban legend whose trying to prevent her son-in-law and daughter from exposing! Stupid, lame, clice and for the narrow minded, like the "Mary" girl never had any parents or friends. Police are never involved and are absent nor were Mary's parents. 1 out of 4

Will G (de) wrote: Isn't really a movie, just 3 episodes stitched together and it definitely has that DVD feel, no special animation, no cinematic score. Just a long episode but still enjoyable.

Lee P (br) wrote: Cheeeseeeeeeeee and can someone out there tell me was the sandman in the right movie.

Justin A (us) wrote: A very basic slasher. The only thing I found particularly memorable was maybe the death of the killer at the end of the movie. It was pretty neat, but everything that came before it was so basic.This was directed by Tom DeSimone, who is known for a movie about a talking vagina and a bunch of softcore-ish movies. The only other movie of his I have seen was Reform School Girls, which I actually really enjoyed. It was a cheesy, chaotic movie that just had so much going on.Hell Night, however, is boring and average to a fault. I expected something better, but there were so many other slasher movies exactly like this in the 70s and 80s. There was maybe one memorable kill (it takes place on the rooftop) and the ending scene is cool, but there is nothing else to write home about. For this director, I expected maybe some more sleaze and nudity, but we don't even get that. This movie is completely forgettable and I'll probably have no memory of it in a month.

Curtis H (es) wrote: Oh Tom Bosley, must you and your wacky antics save this film. Yes. This movie is a formula film about a mule who can kick field goals and is somehow allowed onto an NFL playing field. Sadly, even the great Don Knotts plays a formula role. I'm pretty sure this has just a little more style than Air-Bud, but is still rediculous.

Greg S (au) wrote: Felt way too much like the first one... maybe because it had to do with the same town. But the action was good. Yul does a great job.