La hermandad

La hermandad

Sara is a popular novelist who after suffering an accident, is hosted in a remote monastery in which inhabits an ancient brotherhood of Benedictine monks. While Sara is recovering in bed, she begins to feel curious about strange happenings.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fire,   forest,   monastery,  

Lydia Bosch is a novelist who has just suffered an accident discovers dark secrets in the anachronistic monastery where she is hosted. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frederick M (gb) wrote: Great documentary. lulz.

Tom B (ca) wrote: LOL ! Sometimes a B movie can be refreshing :P

emily h (us) wrote: trent ford!!!! i love his voice!!! omg trent fords character is so cute! the fight scene was disgusting! i liked the love story a lot but the religion parts were annoying very romeo and juliet like

Tor M (mx) wrote: Three stories set in three times, 1911, 1966 and 2005. Two actors play the two main characters in each story. All of them sat in Thailand.This is not the easiest film to rate. It looks swell, and my first encounter with director Hsiao-hsien Hou makes me want to check out more of his films. With that said, this is a varied film that I would like to split up in it's three parts.The first part is superb. It looks great, the story and the pace is splendid and it got me really triggered for the rest. The second part is rather boring. It's sat in 1911 and a nice touch is to make it muted only supported by text, music and colors. The final part is all right. It's a bit more exciting, but still very suble and quite dark. It looks good and it's OK acted.In total I must say that this is a cool idea with OK execution. Part one is fantastic but other parts of the film are straight up boring and hard to follow.6.5 out of 10 pool games.

Ania R (kr) wrote: Brilliant, plus Manu Chao with 'Me llaman calle' y '5 razones'.

Emme W (nl) wrote: My friends were in this movie. (I think)

Elgan D (nl) wrote: A Mexican horror picture with plenty of disturbing imagery and an interesting soundtrack. Has something of a Pan's Labyrinth feel to the story but this is not of that quality, the void of class is filled the grime and exploitation.

Scott K (us) wrote: Not perfect, but a well written, filmed, and directed comedy. The production design is off-the-charts amazing.

Wilson K (us) wrote: Switchblade SistersSwitchblade Sisters is so god awful that it borders on being great. Ultimately it falls short and overall I wouldn(TM)t even go as far as to say that I(TM)m a fan, but it is a fascinating look at a time in filmmaking where people were given the opportunity to try something new. The film is as much a product of its time as anything I(TM)ve seen. The costumes are laughable, the acting is wooden, the violence is difficult to watch and the sexist and racist undertones are very unsettling. This being said the film still works on some level despite everything it has going against it. The movie is a perfect example of efficient filmmaking that revels in its grittiness and lack of polish. It is also prophetic in its look at the rise of inner city gang violence. Like most exploitation films it is hard to know if Jack Hill had any satirical or ideological intentions with this film, but years of criticism and reviewing of such movies have created a cult of people who believe these factors exist in these films whether they were intended to or not. Ebert called Hill(TM)s production values sleazy? and his photography and editing slapdash.? I(TM)m inclined to agree, but somehow it adds a charm to the film that could never have existed if it had been made by a seasoned filmmaker. The film is overloaded with clich (C)s, situations that simply don(TM)t work and conflict that seems to come out of nowhere. Also the actors who are supposed to be in high school all appear to be in their mid 30(TM)s. I don(TM)t know how it works or if it even works the more I think about it. The damn thing is just entertaining on some base level.

Suanne M (es) wrote: Another great musical with Mickey and Judy. Great music

HungYa L (br) wrote: The movie is not as good as the original TV series, The Thick of It. Still Peter Capaldi once again proves himself to be as brutal as he always has been...

Dorianator F (ca) wrote: Great movie, fantastic acting and great story. It was very funny and very memorable. Dustin Hoffman shines in his/her role. The only bad thing about the movie is that it was a bit cheesy, especially the ending.

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