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Peter P (mx) wrote: King of the geeks, this is a movie about a guy who is exactly what you would expect from a super mega geek. He is the game master of a D&D style type game, with wizards and trolls and such, which basically means he comes up with the quest type missions things that they go on. His world completely falls apart when a new player comes into his game and is too cool, cause he is a geek with a girlfriend and he has a successful website, and the he does things like throwing a sword at his characters head cause he was bored. After that it is a journey in to the geek version of heart of darkness. Apocalypse now for geeks. It has decent acting for what it is trying to do, but is a little hard to watch in parts due to some very uncomfortable situations. 2 Beards Out Of 5

Cedric L (jp) wrote: Thought-provoking albeit one-sided documentary.

Sean C (nl) wrote: I've never read the play by Jean Genet, but this adaptation sure feels like a play. There is some great dialogue here and two great lead performances, especially by Glenda Jackson. They really show the delusional characters well.

Parakram Y (kr) wrote: passion & deception. but more than that, this movie exceeds the hot scenes from any hollywood movie. guys watch it...and if you can get a hand on this dvd..i wanna buy it ;)

Leo L (ca) wrote: An interesting movie.

Natko B (kr) wrote: Finally get to this classic. Well, shortly, expected so much more, heavier and smashing plot, maybe even more explicit scenes, this could be easily a "R". It was actually pretty much interesting until the last, let's say quarter of the movie, when it totally watered down. And yes, it' confusing. Have to admit that didn't get the point with the last two scenes, which only left me a feeling of an unfinished work. Plus for quite funny ideas throughout.

Lilianetty l (fr) wrote: No doubt that Chris Columbus & Steven Spielberg were in charge of this (and also wanted years later for Harry Potter...yes, Steven rejected the offer but Chris stayed on for the 1st two films). No doubt really...and even if this film was not based on ANY Conan Doyle story, it stayed loyal in a lot of things: mystery,horror+adventure. It would have been interesting to see this duo as they were younger (that's why I enjoyed this movie a lot, it's a curious point of view, interesting my dear reader, interesting). 4 stars of 5 for an amazing ride that also remind me of Indiana Jones (also out by the same time), the amazing cast and the music score (the orchestra of London never stops surprising me through the years). Enjoy and THE GAME IS AFOOT! - May 25, 2014 review.

Will C (ca) wrote: Certainly the weakest of the Rebel Samurai criterion box set, but a decent-to-mediocre 60's samurai movie is usually heads and shoulders above a decent-to-mediocre movie today.

Steve R (br) wrote: Great 70 minutes of entertainment from the days where the acting and plot carried the film, not just the special effects. Campy but very enjoyable as a late night film.

Space P (gb) wrote: the first 15 or 20 minutes are on youtube but i cant find it on dvd

Robyn A (au) wrote: It was ok as far as movies, but it didn't really come close to the book

Matt H (br) wrote: Weak, familiar story, has the strange world building problems of "Cars," and none of the characters stand out at all. There's a design/concept problem here as well, the robots aren't human enough, or aren't personified enough in those regards. Weak kids jokes, random and not well done references to much better movies, some weird flourishes don't help, either. Robots is almost the definition of mediocre, except it's barely able to exist on that level.

Lucero C (fr) wrote: I didn't think this movie was awful but very entertaining! van diesel character is the same as other films but still entertaining to watch