La horse

La horse

Near the Baie de la Seine swamps, opposite the Port of Le Havre, Auguste Maroilleur, an elderly farmer, exploits 400 hectares of crop land with the help of his family, over which he rules ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Near the Baie de la Seine swamps, opposite the Port of Le Havre, Auguste Maroilleur, an elderly farmer, exploits 400 hectares of crop land with the help of his family, over which he rules ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris U (kr) wrote: Last night I was privy to attend a pre-screening of the soon to be released film Joshy. Having certain knowledge of the film due to the Q&A afterwards has slightly affected my opinion of the film but not by much.Joshy is the tale of a man named Josh (Thomas Middleditch) who comes home after going to the gym on his birthday to find that his fiance has strangled herself (Alison Brie) with his belt. Joshy had planned to go on a bachelor party trip with his friends before all of this happened but decides that even though she is gone they should still use the cabin or else they will lose it. As it turns out, only 3 of his friends arrive to spend time with him. Without giving up any serious details or spoilers of the story, many things unfold in the movie that seem somewhat questionable and at other times confusing or meant for mere shock factor. As the movies wraps up we see that Josh has finally come to terms with what has happened and what his fiance has done to him by killing herself (suicide is a selfish crime that hurts everyone else).Personally I enjoyed many parts of Joshy. There were also many parts that left me confused. As I mentioned above, these scenes appeared to be more like they were meant for mere shock or cheap laughs (mushroom trips, Brett Gelman's character in general, hookers, strippers, etc.) than actual continuation of the story. The film is easily a dark comedy and in many moments excels at that genre. However as I just mentioned, at the same time some of these moments drag down the movie.For another example, there is a B story revolving around a chance meeting Joshy and Ari (Adam Pally) have with Jodi (Jenny Slate) outside of the only bar in the town. They are smoking weed and Jodi is lost and has lost her phone. (SPOILER) A romance of sorts begins between Ari and Jodi that ends up with an awkward kiss in the 2nd to last scene of the film. I believe it is a dive into the idea that marriage is not always what makes these guys happy and sometimes they just want an out or a new experience since they are away from home and their family. They have been living a certain way for so long that they don't remember what it was like before. This side story gives the film a different direction to go for a few scenes here and there as well as a new topic to look deeper into, but overall doesn't really add anything to the story and I would even say, spends too much time on this topic.During the Q&A session after the film we found out that there was only a mere outline for the film that became more fleshed out on the days of shooting (15 to be exact which is a feat in and of itself). I was honestly amazed they did all of this with only a small script, crew, very little equipment, and a very short timeline. However this makes sense when recalling scenes from the film because it seems that many of the characters go off into tangents that mean absolutely nothing or take a century to actually connect. I am not saying these are bad performances, in fact the mere ability and brilliance of some of these actors to ad lib entire scenes together is amazing to me. Mind blowing even. Nick Kroll described a few scenes to us in person and it was truly something you had to admire. Nevertheless, this knowledge both makes me love and loath scenes from the film. (As a disclaimer, I had this feeling for many of the scenes before I even knew this).To summarize my slightly erratic review, Joshy is a very dark story that has twists and turns in some parts and ultimately just comes to a somewhat abrupt end. We get a deep view in the psyche of the 30-40 male who is trying to help their friend cope with a severe personal tragedy as well as deal with their own personal problems. This movie tells us that these guys just want to help Josh by getting "your bro laid and drunk and high as a kite" so that he can bury the pain. Only at the end when Joshy is confronted by Rachel's (Alison Brie) parents (SPOILERS) (they think he murdered her even though there is no evidence to it), do we see Josh finally come to terms with what has happened by breaking down and declaring how awful this has all been and how he cannot believe she would do such a thing to him. After that his friends (just like would happen in real life) tell him they are sorry and then all basically nod and accept what has happened and go back to having fun. Mind you, not drugs and drinking, etc. but playing a board game together.Joshy has it's moments of perfect relation to real life and even delves into some very interesting topics, but has other moments that go too far and take away from the story at hand. I enjoyed the film for the most part and loved the performance of the cast. (I generally always love the performances of all of these actors to be honest). Thus, Joshy is a 93 minute film that will have you laughing and at some points slightly shocked and confused but by the end will have you thinking about the relationships and friendships in your life. 3 out of 5 stars.

Daniel A (kr) wrote: Carried by Mads Mikkelsen (who is excellent) decent though!

Divya K (ru) wrote: The story revolves around a girl living in France who falls in love with a boy coming from India

Karmen L (gb) wrote: ??, 3/4"'confess-(TM) 1/2 (R)' 1/4tissue paper-"..T.T

Arlene S (ru) wrote: Absolutely worth seeing. Too bad it was never a major movie in the states.

Paul D (ru) wrote: Does what it can for a straight to video sequel and despite the lack of star power that the original had, is almost on par with the first one. Entertaining enough if you're really hard-up for some entertainment.

James H (it) wrote: This documentary explores the possibilty of UFO's. Dan Aykroyd is convincing as a UFO sighter, back in the 1980's. It's well done and presents some hard to dispute information. It does make you think, whether you are a believer or not.

Dorothy H (jp) wrote: What a great movie. I love the fact that he stuck up for what he believed in no matter who or what told him he was crazy. I loved his dedication to his new friend and the fact that he didn't care about how different the Who's were they were still people and thats what all that matterd. Kind of reminds me of this country and how we are so ready to call someone crazy and do mean things to them. i would have to say those monkey things were a bit disturbing and the kangaroo was an absolute bitch. but watch the movie its cute if you like cute movies.

Bruce B (nl) wrote: This movie hit the screen shortly after 9-11, it was done fast to capitalize on the post 9-11 movie rush. Its not a bad movie but its surly low budget. Our Main Crazy Star is Peter Krause who plays Terry Allen, a loser of a man, lost job, losing his wife, he sits at home watching the news about the 9-11 terrorist and this creates fear in his mind. Next thing you know Gabe Hassan played by Khaled Abol Naga moves into the apartment complex. This is an accurate portrayals of modern-day paranoia in the most of the world, but here in the United States we have once again let our guard down. Gabe is a Middle Eastern Man, and Terry falls into the negative thinking that Gabe is a terrorist. He does everything to the man to get something to point that Gabe is fixing to attack the US. The FBI is involved, Terry just flips out and in the end is put in to a mental Facility and then one day watching the news Terry sees on the news all that he was telling the FBI has unfolded. Its worth 3 stars

Matt R (jp) wrote: Yet Another French Slice-of-Life Flick. Ho-hum. I suppose it's capably written, directed, and acted, but this just seems like a francophonic attempt to draw connections between the disparate lives of urban-dwellers. It's a fantasy for the isolated individuals of a post-modern society - that they'll find common ground, companionship, maybe even love somewhere in their social circle, or perhaps beyond it.

James S (br) wrote: It really sucks. The character design is ugly, the plot sucks, and the characters have crappy dialogue making Delgo the worst opening for an animated film.

Patrick S (es) wrote: It's a very well-directed, well-shot and well-edited movie. As for the other's disappointing but man is it good looking.

Al P (us) wrote: She's a REAL HEAD TURNER Isnt she???

Ola G (gb) wrote: Police lieutenant Nyman who is a patient at a hospital in Stockholm is brutally murdered, stabbed repeatedly with a bayonet. The investigation that follows is led by Martin Beck (Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt) and Einar Rnn (Hkan Serner). It turns out that the murdered man had sadistic tendencies and was known among his colleagues for abusing his police privileges and brutalizing civilians. Although his colleagues had been aware of his behaviour, the police force's esprit de corps had suppressed complaints about him and prevented any reprisals.The investigation proceeds, and finally Beck and his team find a trail that leads to the murderer, who turns out to be an ex-policeman named ke Eriksson (Ingvar Hirdwall). Eriksson's wife Marja had diabetes, and one day, in need of insulin, she had fallen into a coma. She was mistaken by the police as a drunk and put in a jail cell, under the orders of Nyman, where she died. Eriksson blamed the police force for the death of his wife. Now, some years later, he has become a social misfit and the authorities are in the process of removing his daughter Malin from his custody. As Beck and his team close in on Eriksson he climbs up on the roof of the apartment building where he lives in central Stockholm, bringing with him both an automatic rifle and a sharpshooter's rifle. He starts to fire at any policeman and police vehicle he can spot, picking off several policemen. When the police commissioner decides to bring in the anti-terrorist units, including two police helicopters, Eriksson shoots up one of the helicopters so it crashes on a crowded plaza near the building where he resides. Beck needs to figure out how to take Eriksson out together with his colleagues Lennart Kollberg (Sven Wollter) and Gunvald Larsson (Thomas Hellberg)..."The Man On The Roof" is a 1976 Swedish film directed by Bo Widerberg, based on the 1971 novel The Abominable Man by Sjwall and Wahl. Widerberg was inspired by the 1971 film "The French Connection" and he wanted to make a Swedish equivalent of that film.The actor Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt was picked for the part as the policeman Beck after Wideberg had seen him with a serious face in a talk show not knowing he was on air. Earlier Lindstedt was mostly known for roles in comedy films. Not one tripod was used for this movie - everything is shot with hand held camera, unique for the Swedish movie industry at the time of shooting. And insurance companies claimed that the helicopter crash would be too dangerous to shoot from a close distance, so director Bo Widerberg himself shot the sequence with a hand-held camera from the riskiest angles. The film won two swedish Guldbagge Awards in 1977, for Best Film and Best Actor (Hkan Serner). The critics were very positive and especially praised the dialogue. Around 750,000 people attended the film in Sweden, making it the most successful film produced by the Swedish Film Institute until Fanny and Alexander was released in 1982. What Bo Widerberg managed to do with "The Man On The Roof" was to create a very dramatic, intense (yet low-key and dialogue driven), nicely shot, action packed police thriller with an american touch you simply wont forget once you have seen it. Widerbergs style of direction was well known as being straight forward, crazy, intense and more or less anarchic, and I reckon thats how he made his best movies. The acting is superb and minimalistic (love how Widerberg could use someone literally from the street in a whim in the movie). The attention to detail is beautiful. And the dialogue is great in a combination with the cinematography. Widerberg perfected the swedish action thriller a bit later with "The Man from Majorca" in 1984. "The Man On The Roof" is still one of the best swedish movies ever made and it was a true pleasure to re-see it.

J M (jp) wrote: Title says it all. Makes no attempt at excitement. Irate Rooney rocks though.

Tommy D (fr) wrote: About Time is most certainly one of the best made romantic comedies of the last decade: it's original, it's genuine, beautifully shot and the perfect soundtrack is just the cherry on top of the cake.What an amazing job done by director Richard Curtis, who also wrote the screenplay.For sure it has its flaws, like any other movie with time travel in them, but the honesty and the positive emotions that this movie can give largely make up for any of those flaws.Terrific performance from Rachel McAdams and heartwelming chemistry between her and Domhnall Gleeson.One of the very few movies that I enjoy watching again.

Paul D (it) wrote: Captures a fine period mood in the burgeoning Northern Soul scene of the 70's, but despite some fine new actors appearing in this, the story is a let-down.

Wayne K (us) wrote: The Artist is a rare gem which celebrates all that is glorious about cinema, while also being a standout film itself. Jean Dujardin is perfectly cast as George Valentin, a dashing, debonair silent movie star at the top of his game. He's self-absorbed and unwilling to fully share the spotlight with his co-stars, but is still infinitely likable, mostly because he's not only excellent at what he does, but because he loves it so deeply. Dismissing the rise of 'talkies' as a passing fad, we witness him spiral into personal depression and professional redundancy especially when someone younger and feistier is threatening to supplant him. What makes this so clever is that Peppy, vibrantly played by the gorgeous Brnice Bejo, knocks him off the top spot by exhibiting the exact same charm and good looks that made Valentin such a star in the first place. Despite many scenes which drag, particularly in the middle, and often appear to be unnecessarily maudlin and drawn out, The Artist is overall a funny, sharp and deeply touching film that uses minimal dialogue, a perfectly apt soundtrack, stellar performances, clever symbolism and possibly the most talented on-screen animal in cinematic history to remind us why movies have meant so much to us over the years, and why their magic has endured the test of time.