La isla

La isla


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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La isla torrent reviews

Wendy Y (ca) wrote: I loved this movie from start to finish. Excellent acting and beautiful chemistry between the actors! Highly recommend!

Sandy K (de) wrote: A little slow in places, but a quietly pleasing coming-of-age story about a blind teenage boy seeking independence from his over-protective parents and navigating the affections of his long-time best friend and new crush. Brazilian (Portuguese language) with English subtitles.

Shaun B (it) wrote: Near absolute garbage. Not much entertainment value here unless you have a slug fetish or are a bad movie masochist. Barely got one star due to the ridiculously over-the-top ending involving what must have been most of the production money in a pyrotechnics display that produced a rare smile in this otherwise dull and utterly stupid "monster" B-movie.'s a horror film about slugs. It's as bad and ridiculous as it sounds.

Javis C (ru) wrote: Imagine if the first one was bad, this one is worst.

Chris D (mx) wrote: Started off slowly, but from there it just got better and better. Great film.

Thomas L (us) wrote: A wonderful movie, where the duo Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing bring back the atmosphere from the classic films of the Hammer. Although the storyline may sometimes be weak, this film is faithful to the horror films of the late 50s.

Dave R (jp) wrote: the novelty of this movie is that it's shot mostly in the first person - meaning you see and hear what the main character sees and hears. you only see the actor when he looks in the mirror. i found it to be a rather irritating way to shot a film (guess that's why more movies are not made this way).the story - a rather average private detective story.

Hugh R (jp) wrote: This movie got a whole extra star for Fox's performance.Rob Cohen's "Alex Cross," based on a novel by James Patterson, had a lot of potential. It has some decent mystery built in, and at least one stellar performance. Sadly, it is bogged down with ratings restrictions, more mediocre performances, plot holes, and exceptionally bad dialogue. This is one of those movies that could have been great, but comes off rather forgettable.Detective Alex Cross (Tyler Perry attempting to break out of comedy) is a criminal profiler in Detroit. He and his team (forgettably portrayed by Edward Burns and Rachel Nichols) have made a name for themselves solving high profile cases with ingenuity and guts. When a horrific multiple murder in a ritzy neighborhood turns out to be the work of a sadistic assassin, the team follows hot on his trail trying to bring him down before he can claim another victim. When they foil his next assassination attempt, the killer takes it personally and seeks revenge against the investigators who dared to defy him.A lot happens in this movie, but there isn't much to write about. Matthew Fox as the killer is the one truly bright spot in an otherwise blas movie. His performance deserved so much more than the script had to offer him, but he steals the show. Judging by his performance and the basic premise of the film, the movie seemed like it was intended to be much more edgy and dark. Sadly, this movie suffers the curse of the dreaded PG-13 that Hollywood loves to impose on their more violent movies so as to get a few more bucks out of the coveted 13-18 year old demographic. In a movie where a man calmly cuts off a woman's fingers one by one just for fun, there is little to no blood to be seen and I have heard more swearing from soccer moms. I am not saying movies need to be gory or foul to be good, but sometimes the subject matter needs to be treated a bit more realistically. When people get shot in the chest a small puff of dust is not usually the result.Tyler Perry makes a valiant attempt at dramatic acting with this role, but he seemed woefully out of his depth. Most of the time he was bland and forgettable and seemed to be struggling to find the right emotion with his face and voice. There were a few good moments, but it is not a good sign when you are getting out acted in a scene with a ten year old.The action-packed climax had its moments, but was fraught with plot holes and laughable inconsistencies. I found it more than a little unbelievable that Perry could go toe to toe with Fox, especially considering how the movie established Fox as such a brutal fighter earlier. Fox's last line in the movie makes no sense and the convenient "the cops show up after everything is over" trope was so poorly executed that I wanted to call a foul on the play. The epilogue of the movie was contrived and felt tacked on as a cheap way of writing the movie out of a corner. The closing scene after the epilogue (yes, you read that right) felt like cheap sentimentality considering the seriousness of the subject matter and lacked any genuine emotion."Alex Cross" may have started out as a good story with a real plot, but once the screenwriters, director, and producers got hold of it, it got jumbled and turned into boring, easily digestible mush. It is not a bad movie, per se, but it is far from being a good movie. The story never seems to know if it wants to be about Cross or the killer. There is so much speculation about the killer, but no closure is ever given and though that kind of open-ended narrative can work in the right movie, here it does not. Matthew Fox's performance is the only thing that keeps the viewer's attention, and I wish they had re-edited this movie as a solid R rating and given it a rewrite instead of cutting it off at the knees with a PG-13. It probably would have been a far superior film.

Matt C (ca) wrote: Very good. A classic Sandler flick.

Eric R (mx) wrote: Rewatched July 2016: I remember watching and liking this at about 8 years old and still holds up as a suspenseful action character piece. Admittedly, the sexual suggestions from the kid were increasingly awkward, but still a very good performance from Portman. It's an easy film but good at what it was. Hoping to return to when movies were well written.

Marah R (mx) wrote: Commendable performances in this thriller about self discovery and appreciation. The movie is slightly slow even in the thrilling scenes and the ambiguous ending is very unsatisfactory.