La jouissance des hystériques

La jouissance des hystériques

A director in his midlife-crisis wants to start a new movie and he invites twelve actresses in his flat in Brussels. Every actress tries to convince him of her talent. The director tries to...

A director in his midlife-crisis wants to start a new movie and he invites twelve actresses in his flat in Brussels. Every actress tries to convince him of her talent. The director tries to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ciaran S (us) wrote: Is it the worst film I've seen? No.....not really. I mean the government should have ask the autobots to leave just like they did in the 2nd & 3rd movie, but nope they had no choice but to distory every one except Optimus ,Bumblebee ,Crosshairs ,Hound & Drift

Stetson P (au) wrote: The visuals are the only thing the movie has going for it. The story exists only to make a movie, not to give us any entertainment, and a good chunk of the movie is spent recapping the three series it's trying to tribute. With dialogues worse than anything the first series ever produced and characters flatter than cardboard it's only worth watching when you have an hour to kill.

Brad H (ca) wrote: A fairly interesting look into the peculiarly secretive MPAA and their tactics for rating movies, this documentary has enough to keep you interested but its hardly stuff we don't already know.

Joseph H (br) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting

Tyler S (us) wrote: Disappointed in Ford's performance here. It felt forced and unbelievable maybe due to the weak script. His family gets kidnapped and he being a tech savy guy has to give up something to get his family back. A look at something Hollywood has provided many times before in the same dull unbelievable Manor before. Just wasn't effective and I never bought in.

Tara H (it) wrote: The story is just on the verge of ridiculous - with Harvey Keitel as a man who believes he's the ghost of Elvis - it's very much like an extended episode of Quantum Leap. Somehow it doesn't fall flat, and is actually quite moving. Keitel good as always and I enjoyed Bridget Fonda's role as a Marilyn impersonator.

Omy G (ca) wrote: Excellent, particularly after watching the VP debates. The pace can be a bit slow, and it is over 2 and a half hours long, but the information is so important it is absolutely worth watching. Noam Chomsky is thoughtful and intelligent, two qualities that are in short supply right now.

Tatsuhito K (br) wrote: This was my first time watching a Pedro Almodovar film and I really dug it! Antonio Banderas portrays his character with such menace and heart, so despite some of the things he does to Marina, I couldn't completely hate him. I found him interesting and felt sorry for him in a few scenes. It's a colorful-looking film and I rather enjoyed the central love story. It's erotic, smart, and terrifying at times, I enjoyed "Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!"

Jack V (ru) wrote: Just a terrible film

Scott S (gb) wrote: Just watched this again last night....Such a classic!!

Christopher A (ca) wrote: Visually, its striking. But the storyline takes a lot of back-roads and alleyways that may get you lost if you're not paying close attention. It may prevent one to 'suspend disbelief', but I hope you pause it on some of the more 'what-the-hell, SUPER creative' shots. Seijun shows that though not an economical success, a jazzian-like director can establish their vision with off-the-cuff, visual rhythms...

Nick K (ca) wrote: A great and funny movie.

Masorad (ca) wrote: IMHO, Corman's best, as it overcomes budgetary limitations by virtue of it's pseudo-philosophical premise which will unreel your mind if your sockets are ready. Milland, knowing he's slumming, is dispassionate & rote and therefore perfect as a caricatured mad scientist who embodies some Heisenbergian wankfest until Biblical measures ironically blind him and he sees the light. Watch it again.