La leyenda

La leyenda

Set in the dizzy world of TC 2000 racing La Leyenda tours the action genre overflowing with adrenaline and speed...

Set in the dizzy world of TC 2000 racing La Leyenda tours the action genre overflowing with adrenaline and speed... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Love M (nl) wrote: Low budget horror film that doesn't deliver anything more then bad acting and over the top gore!

Isaac D (de) wrote: Great movie! Original concept, great casting, and storyline. And how about that great twist?? Even though the film's length is something to take into consideration for the genre, I still say it was worth it. I'm definitely adding this to my "movies to buy" list. Also for those that are wondering, it is not your typical stoner film. No cheap laughs here!

Steph O (jp) wrote: I can see why a lot of people wouldn't like "Normal Adolescent Behavior"... It's essentially about a weird group of teens who have decided that they will only sleep with each other and no one else. Like a group sex cult thing. So obviously this movie has a few group sex scenes. They aren't overly graphic though, and they're pretty important to the story. I liked "Normal Adolescent Behavior" though, because I think it was really dark and interesting. Amber Tamblyn's character begins to fall for this guy outside her little group, and this creates a lot of problems. It isn't as much of a mindless-teen-sex movie as it might appear to be. These kids clearly have some serious psychological issues and I liked how the movie explored that - particularly with Ricky Ullman's character.

Dan Z (it) wrote: a painfully, painfully crappy film. Being a Lovecraft nerd I will admit, I was enticed and wanted to follow the film to its conclusion. I had to sit through 90 minutes of terrible characters, bad acting, forced dialog, bad direction and film that was WAY too indecisive in identity itself as a found footage film or a normal film. Somewhere the creators to decide: 'eh fuck it' and create a bastardized hybrid. I know its a b-movie based on Lovecraft, but I have seen Lovecraftian B-movies handled more professionally and directed with more care and forethought. It felt to me that the writer of this film was reading on a little Lovecraft just to have enough material to tie in the story with the title; "Searching for Lovecraft" merely to bank on the name; 'Lovecraft.' hell, i was dumb enough to waste my time over that. the only reason I am not going lower with this rating is that the ending, though tacked on, was an actually a legit scary moment (though it was the only one) and the witch was hot.

Miles D (jp) wrote: my personal favourite horror/thriller of all time, loved the twists in the plot.

sage w (de) wrote: this isa good movie,4 sure,awlys loved it,egypt

Pierluigi P (it) wrote: Some people never realize how society, traditions and values imprisons and forces them to conform with banality. A candid and romantic look of a taboo relationship, done with such picturesque beauty that is hard not to be moved and enchanted by it.

Robert B (ru) wrote: I Spit on Your Grave (Meir Zarchi, 1978)[originally posted 18Jun2001]Meir Zarchi took Craven's idea (with Last House on the Left) and paid homage with a film that, while not all that good, is a sight better than Last House. It's also become something of a cult classic for reasons that I'm not sure I understand (nor want to). Again, the plot is simple and savage: Jennifer Hill (Camille Keaton, who actually HAS managed to find a few other roles, mostly in what seem to be Italian giallo flicks given the titles) has rented a secluded house on a lake to get out of the big evil city and runs afoul of three of the local miscreants and their toady, a twentysomething seemingly retarded virgin. The miscreants develop a plan to get the toady laid, and, as is to be expected, a bloodbath ensues, starting with an almost forty minute long scene punctuated by three different rapes. I mean, we're talking nasty here (but by the time Miz Hill gets around to stalking her attackers, I have to say, the viewer is definitely rooting for her).What about this particularly nasty movie makes it more effective than Last House on the Left? One definite reason is that Zarchi's scenes of brutalization are a whole lot more explicit than Craven's, and as such, the viewer has a deeper gut reaction to what's happening. When Hill starts wandering around like a zombie in the aftermath of the aforementioned forty-minute scene, it's realistic post-traumatic stress. Also, Zarchi gives more of a human dimension to the attackers; one has a wife and kids, one likes to play the harmonica, that sort of thing; details which cause a viewer to see the bad guys as something more (a little more, but still) than cardboard cutouts. Also, the film itself has a kind of endearing shoestring quality about it. Grainy stock, handheld-camera shots, that sort of thing. Zarchi probably had a budget of five hundred bucks and spent it half and half on fake blood and beer for the crew.It's not the best film you'll ever see, but if you follow IMDB's recommendation and double-feature it with Last House on the Left, it certainly won't be the worst film you ever see, either. **

Katty S (es) wrote: This is a perfect example of how the sequel could be better than the original. I have watched the movie several times and still keep finding something new; clues I might have missed before. Definitely re-watchable movie, can be funny and thrilling and suspenseful at the same time, despite the sense of inevitability which is the ending scene. Robert Downey jr. as usual masterfully brings life into his character. I could actually "see" Sherlock's thinking process without him saying a word.

Banjo K (nl) wrote: Chucky scared me as a kid and he is not scary as today but the first 2 child play movies were amazing.