La leyenda del tiempo

A documentary/fiction mix inspired by the flamenco singer Camarón.

A documentary/fiction mix inspired by the flamenco singer Camarón

La leyenda del tiempo is a funny movie of Isaki Lacuesta. The released year of this movie is 2006. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example Israel Gómez Romero, Francisco José Gómez Romero, Jesús Olvera Mota, Jesús Manuel Olvera Rivero, Daniel Cano Carrillo, José Antonio Alcántara, Saray Gómez Romero, Teresa Vega, Ramón Romero, Antonio Tréllez, Makiko Matsumura, Takamitsu Ishizuka, Makoto Sitou, Ana María López, Mami Kasugai. The kind of movie are Drama. This movie was rated by 7.1 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Alison S (au)

Way too long, didn't find it funny, and a predictable ending

CrAnNa 1 (mx)

was kinda scared when my mother brought it for me, but its good, one every teenage girl shloud watch!!. this would have to be one of my all time favorite movies and all my friends like it to

Dominique D (au)

Ashton Kutcher tente d'imiter Jobs, pas de jouer Jobs. Le film est pas mauvais, mais l'acting est affreux

Gary L (ru)

It is one of the 1001 Movies, and it works as a history piece now. Never saw this before

Greg W (it)

good entry but not the best in the 'gold digger' series

Greg W (ag)

awesome gender bending period piece

Jeremy A (ag)

dventure and Religion!. Excellent Movie with great performances from Clark Gable and Joan Crawford

LARRY C (gb)

OK, Good nude scene

Nisje C (mx)

I cried so hard in this movie, I was embarrassed to leave the theater

Rangan R (it)

10. Soon I'm going to catch up with its sequel, but I know it won't be as decent as this one. I suggest you just go for it with an empty mind if you want to see it. Even though it has been only 13 years, in which all the fields rapidly advanced, so the dance. Since I'm watching it delayed, I should not compare it to the present scenario. Overall, I enjoyed it. But young Alba in a sexy pose on the poster, no one can just ignore it from watching. This is now obviously a decade old flick and disappointed with her character, especially with her dance moves. I anticipated Alba to give a show that not to forget for the decades. A simple story, even the choreography was ordinary, but not a bad film. So now she has to come up with a solution to solve all the problems and that's the film tells how she overcomes them all at once. A passionate dance, choreographer, when her dream coming to true that hits a roadblock for some reason followed by other issues. Honey is a main character's name played by Jessica Alba. I especially don't know how 'Step Up' made a successful franchise, but the sixth is on the way. Nowadays there are many films are coming out since the younger generation showing very interest in the dance. One of the first films in the revolution of modern dance flicks, though I know I saw it too late. How simple, charming dance flick it is