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La ligne brisée


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Trevor L (us) wrote: I liked it. Screw you.

Brian G (us) wrote: violent and entertaining. being another adaptation for the same source as "Death Wish". It seemed to go a little further into moral and personal issues here and there without straying or copying too much.

Arlene S (us) wrote: Lars von Trier is a weird, weird dude. Not that I didn't know that already. Also, if you want to see all of Emily Watson and Stellan Skarsgard, this is for you.

Brandon B (au) wrote: Circle of friends? Circle of back-stabbers! A little too chick flicky for me. Colin Firth's mustache almost saves it. Maybe if it was a fu manchu.

Dean M (mx) wrote: Ludicrous storyline, sloppy direction, and a particulary annoying performance by Corey Haim make this one to avoid.

Kym c my community profile R (es) wrote: almost forgot to review this but at this point I don't remember enough other than its wasn't as cool as the original or the remake of the original D

Helen S (ag) wrote: The color of this movie is so luscious and sumptuous. Watch this movie for the sensual atmosphere, the glorious romance. The story falls a little short and it meanders, but it's a truly rich period piece.

Christal B (us) wrote: i just rewatched this movie hepburn an tracy just are great together so funny

Eric R (ag) wrote: A newpaper reporters latest big story has just been outed as a Hoax. His boss demotes him but after some convincing he is given one more shot when he sells tr idea of doing a set of stories on a young woman who is diagnosed with radium poisoning in Vermont. The young woman has never been to New York and she goes with the reporter to New York to live her last days to the fullest. The only problem is, she isn't actually dying, though no one else knows it. Nothing Sacred is a satirical look at the media's infatuation with a big story and profits; putting the truth a distant second. The film is really woth seeing just for the scenery of 1930s New York, as the young woman experiences the sights of New York, constantly being praised for her courageousness. Frederic March is great as the reporter capturing a man who begins to care for the young woman and question the circus revolving around the young woman. At 75 minutes, it's well paced, to the point, and effective. Worth a look.

Amasa G (ru) wrote: I've never really been impressed with Kubrick's multi-humped story arches and I certainly didn't care for it in this movie. They started with the training which was an interesting part of the movie but it didn't end at that point - the part about being in Vietnam certainly didn't relate at all to the part in boot camp. Before I say that I didn't like it - this movie is an interesting movie for sure. It has a lot of questions that it asks and a lot of answers that it doesn't give and there are interesting moments of humor and meta-fiction. But the over-arching truth of this movie is that it doesn't really show much. It seems like the movie is a pretty composite movie scene to scene but at the end I ask myself - So what? It seemed like an amateurish and insensitive view at war and the in-humanity of war. If we're looking at war then let's look at war and not play around with a bunch of curse words, sex jokes, and characters that nobody can care about.

sari p (ag) wrote: Finally i saw this (Leighton's) moviee!! I miss that cunning smile of hers ;) Well she's a psychopath in here, i think she likes girls in a weird way, soalnya pas ketemu temen cewe dari bekas high schoolnya dia dulu si Leigh nyapa sambil senyum kaya kenal, tp cewe itu bilang "we're never friends" tp lucunya lukisan cewe itu ada di kamarnya si Leigh.. I want to see moree of Leigh acting and movies! Cause she's soo briliant ^_-