La maison du bonheur

La maison du bonheur

On a mission to loosen up, a miser's sets about buying a house in the country for his family.

On a mission to loosen up, a miser's sets about buying a house in the country for his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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La maison du bonheur torrent reviews

Nguyen P (au) wrote: When you are young, you care less about making mistakes and more about doing what you want to do.

Chica E (kr) wrote: This movie is a waste, silly and stupid. They tried to make a scary movie but failed, poor story poor everything. Please do not waste your time watching this.

Rebecca H (us) wrote: Talk about comic books had somehow led me to expect cartoon style, and this is lush fantasy. It is a great shame that lack of exposure to Hindi cinema will keep this movie unknown to many who would love the swashbuckling style of this fantasy. While this is "loosely tied" to Hindu mythology, a lack of knowledge of those stories will not hinder your appreciation of this in the least. If you enjoy fantasy this is worth seeing. I keep coming back in my mind to the sheer beauty of scene after scene.

Andrew C (br) wrote: sick worse than saw films

Joel H (kr) wrote: The only character I liked was the dog, everyone else I hated with a passion. Poor writing and acting, pointless plot with nothing real to say. Many times I stood up and asked "Why would that happen?"

Mark K (ag) wrote: the ending killed it for me. But Robin Williams is better than ever

R B (ca) wrote: I've watched this movie like 5 times and read the book, and I'm still amazed by this guy.

Dustin M (nl) wrote: Funny for the first few minutes of everybodies act

Molly S (ca) wrote: This is one of my favorite childhood movie, no matter how cheesy it was.

Kirsten T (us) wrote: okay, so i didn't know sandra dee was a real person until i saw this movie.

Matthew J (nl) wrote: 'Compulsion' tells a story worth listening to but unfortunately only the last few minutes may keep your attention. Never the less great Dean Stockwell and Orson Welles save some of this bland drama.

Lone W (jp) wrote: haha its an amazing movie dean martin and jerry lewis are an excellent cmedy duo that work very well together there wasnt much to the plot or story but the comedy factor was great, never fail to laugh when jerry lewis is around

Jamie D (gb) wrote: Just poor, bad acting, poorly choreographed fight scenes you'd expect from a movie made in the 70s and this is not the more popular and recent version with gene Hackman & Owen Wilson. Be careful not to make the same mistake I did or you'll lose 90 minutes of your life you won't be able to get back!

Liam M (us) wrote: Final destination is flawed but seen under the right "condition" it can be fun. That said, its awefully dated considering its fantasic sequel has much more creative deaths.

Alexander B (au) wrote: Signs, is one of M. Night Shyamalan best films I've ever seen! With the suspense and creepy music, this film is definitely worth seeing!

Chris C (ca) wrote: Story, eh... Action, thumbs up

Paige20 R (fr) wrote: .... simply put, it is a laughing stock of the film industry