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La mandragola


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Pierre K (it) wrote: Sean Penn Totally deserved His Oscar win Harvey Milk was a great man and I could not recommend this movie enough for people to discover how he impacted Unite state history for the better.

Rachel M (ru) wrote: I love this guy. He's so funny. He is one of them fellows on the blue collar comedy tour. He's the guy who's always smoking and drinking during his bit. I love him. he's great.

Televisnostic I (ca) wrote: Looks and sounds odd.

Donald B (mx) wrote: The music will take you back. I won't say that the acting is great but, its a nice movie to watch for a relaxing time or as prep for going skating.

Barry H (kr) wrote: That lazy fat cat doesn't let you down in the comedy part of this movie!

Jack P (jp) wrote: The Bros. is a Malibu's Most Wanted-type comedy based on an award winning short film. The film stars John Tindall and Jochaim Wiese as Lanny and Pete, two white brothers from a nice neighborhood who dream of becoming rappers and making it in the ghetto. The only problem is they grew up not even knowing what the ghetto or thugs were. Their mom doesn't even get what they're doing when they're acting black. First, they think they should talk to a manager. Second, they think they should rob a store. They rob a store run by owner Anthony (Joey Fatone, one of many hilarious celebrity cameos). The film manages to stay consistently funny. It helps that not only Joey Fatone but Ludicrous, Vanilla Ice, Shaquille O'Neal, Dennis Scott, and many more big name celebrities keep showing up. The only complaint I have against the film is that the last half an hour or so just seems bland and dry. The jokes kind of wore out then. That said, I did manage to stay laughing through most of the movie, and I did like the movie quite a bit. But that complaint is big because that complaint made me happy that a movie I liked was ending, and I don't like that feeling at all.

Aliekha T (gb) wrote: The story's good, it's just this movie ain't well-made. They can't maximize the power of the story.

Candy H (au) wrote: Kevin Bacon was great

Clive R (it) wrote: A nice family drama about friendship. While the story and script offer few surprises, the acting talent is strong, especially with Kevin Bacon and Evan Rachel Wood, and it has several moving moments.

Greg W (fr) wrote: one of the last good Hammer Dracula sequels

Matt H (au) wrote: Totally unremarkable, but charming nonetheless due to star power.

Noel V (us) wrote: Tremendous film, the sheer ferocity if not the actual violence is unparalleled. Makes Kazan's On the Waterfront look watered-down, Marlon Brando (compared to Lancaster) downright wmpy. Interesting that all the viciousness is concentrated in Cronyn--it allows Dassin to hang all kinds of atrocities on an officer all the while excusing him as a bad apple (prison films at this time are apparently pro-establishment) out of a largely compassionate bunch. And the final image is your usual societal warning, but Dassin transforms it into a Sartrean declaration--we're all prisoners, in effect. Great film.

Eric B (it) wrote: Anyone who has seen "Down and Out in Beverly Hills" knows the thumbnail plot of Jean Renoir's "Boudu Saved from Drowning": a nihilistic bum is taken in by a generous, upscale couple and (contrary to Hollywood formula) abuses their kindness and does not transform into a wonderful citizen. But people who saw "Down and Out" first may be surprised at just how unlikeable Boudu is, even compared with Nick Nolte's later incarnation. The character is made still more distasteful by Michel Simon's rather broad, burlesque performance (which, alas, still seems mired in silent-movie theatrics)."Boudu" makes some sharp satirical points -- such as showing the police's variable interest in finding a lost dog, depending on the stature of its owner -- but the humor suffers from stiff, outdated filmmaking. The score is almost non-existent, breeding plenty of deadly silences, and the sporadic music only occurs onscreen (examples: a marching band, a wedding orchestra, an organ grinder, a neighbor who enjoys playing flute). Also, it's a comedy that is directed like a drama -- one yearns for quicker editing and more reaction shots. Still, it was a film ahead of its time.

M C (mx) wrote: A well made, creative western. Dead Man is an excellent film without much else like it, the film style is beautiful and unique.