La maschera del demonio

La maschera del demonio


A group of five or six or seven friends go skiing in the Alps and get trapped in a crevasse cave-in that uncovers the long frozen tomb of a heretic executed eons before for practicing blasphemy after a Demon's Mask was nailed onto it's head. One of them decides it would be a really good idea to chip the hideous mask free of it's ice and take it home as a memento of the occasion, unleashing a series of events that finds the coed group of tight ski panted friends trapped by a second cave-in, and forced to take refuge in an ancient monastery or something like that, long buried by the arctic snows and ices. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephanie C (gb) wrote: This movie was funny and fun. I will have to see the next one.

Zarinah H (jp) wrote: "Steal A Pencil for Me" is not a conventional Holocaust story though the people featured in it were Holocaust victims. I say this because the story is mainly an exploration of the relationship between two individuals who fell in love despite the odds being against them. Israeli director Michele Ohayon uses a documentary style to tell the story of Jack (Jaap) Polak, and his wife of 60 years Ina Soep Polak, who met in Amsterdam before the war, when Jack was married to another woman. The pair are instantly attracted to each other despite their very different backgrounds - Jack comes from an average financial background, whereas Ina comes from a wealthy family (her father was in the diamond polishing industry). When WW II breaks out, the pair (together with Jack's wife) end up in the Westerbork transit camp and later get moved to Bergen-Belsen. Throughout their internment, Jack and Ina maintain contact, exchanging letters in secret at a time when paper and pencil were prized commodities (hence the title of the feature which was also a phrase written by Jack in one of his letters to Ina).I viewed their story with sympathy mainly because Jack's marriage to his wife was already in trouble before he met Ina - his wife was a jealous woman yet treated him almost with indifference, and the contrast between Ina and Jack's first wife was rather startling. The story moves back and forth between the past and the present - the past is often portrayed through the use of old photographs and archival film footage, and in the present we see Jack (at 93, still quite alert with a knowing gleam in his eyes) and Ina still as in love as when they were younger. It was heartening to see Jack still active in Holocaust education, and to know that this couple weathered the most unimaginable horrors and yet were strengthened by their love for each other, makes this a truly moving account.

Lauri A (us) wrote: This is a film Jim Carrey doesn't overact in. He surprised me like he surprised me in "The Truman Show". This movie just goes to show that he can act if he chose too. The film was well done and offered perspective. I highly recommend watching this. (not with children)

Ralph L (ca) wrote: fairly good. an odd tribute to H.P. Lovecraft.

Marta K (kr) wrote: A documentary showing the insiders' perspective on the Jenin massacre. It could be valuable to present the opinion of the Israeli side, just for those who are not familiar with the story. It would add objectivity. A very powerful picture of the life of people of Jenin seen as just one instance, a part of the long history of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land.

Jim L (fr) wrote: Great, well made DVD including; a documentary in a sympathetic style that is never boring, excerpt from an 'Underground' film and current interview with a member in prison (who considers himself a political prisoner) and has very interesting views. A must-see: everyone should be aware of this group and their protest, mainly against American foreign policy.

bill s (au) wrote: The performances and the story are both very good in this well made drama.

Private U (us) wrote: Top 5 movies of all time

Brett M (gb) wrote: I remember it being more awesome when I was 15.

Bill B (jp) wrote: A tense little thriller that I know will bear out repeated viewings, I'd actually love to give this film another look paired with David Cronenberg's Spider, as they both drop the viewer into the world of the schizophrenic and the world they must negotiate each day.Well worth a look.

Nick H (es) wrote: This story begins with a funeral scene unlike any other you have seen. Those that are in attendance are all female. Right from the beginning we get a sense of who this man really is (or was). Truffaut brilliantly captures the life of a man who is obsessed with the physical form of women. Bertrand begins writing a novel starting with his first intimate/erotic relationships with women and that is where the story takes off. Truffaut takes us through many unexpected turns and does a great job explaining the nuances of this man through his attention to detail.

Terry W (us) wrote: ha ha ha ha this movie is so funny I am laughing without watching it

Dan P (br) wrote: 1970s disaster film that doesn't stand the test of time

Herbert D (es) wrote: Interesting movie - about a well traveled heavenly messenger from God from a country town in Alabama. It appears that he can predict the future.

Donibscottctcisnet D (jp) wrote: Not bad for the 50's ! There were none of the effects then to embellish with. So all in all , a good old show.

Dinesh P (au) wrote: Random editing is confusing in the beginning but slowly the film gets more clearer. A Good film to watch.

Jonan G (us) wrote: It was strange, to taste the humour, and realise that the aftertaste was quite unfunny, and serious, and poignant, and beautiful. I've never tasted anything quite like it.

CJ C (mx) wrote: Based on Dylan Thomas' orig screenplay. JPryce, JSands, TDalton & SRea in a classic gothic tale of grave robbing in 1820s Edinburgh. Cameo by Twiggy as a lady of ill repute lol. Kinda spooky for an 80s flick.