La matassa

La matassa

Il film è la storia di due cugini, Gaetano Geraci (Ficarra) e Paolo Geraci (Picone), costretti a separarsi all'età di 10 anni circa a causa di litigi... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


La matassa torrent reviews

Ben H (ca) wrote: See how (the not so young) Detective Dee starts his new job and rise simultaneously with the sea dragon...

Siobhan G (kr) wrote: While this had some amusing moments, the fact that the lead character had very stalker-like ways in regards to the object of his affection lessened the enjoyment of the movie.

Rochelle H (kr) wrote: Amazing cast, amazing acting, great cinematography, script, and story. Twist after twist after twist... wow.

Paul F (jp) wrote: Barely anyone has heard of this but it's beyond funny

Nathalie D (ru) wrote: Very touching and beautiful story!

Alexander C (mx) wrote: More like coke floats....

Victor G (ru) wrote: a classic kung fu film

Jennifer (de) wrote: I love both characters! It was great to see them together!