La memoria de los peces

La memoria de los peces

The movie is set around a small group of characters experiencing relationships which build and crumble before the viewers eyes. The title of the film refers to the belief, expressed by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timm S (au) wrote: Quite Confronting Story Of Crazy Scientists Playing With Bugs & Being God, To The Best Of Their Abilities.. Which Predictably Has Dramas. It Begins Well, Has Interesting Settings In & Around Europre- Germany...But That's About It.

Tyson P (au) wrote: not bad, not amazing. your average road trip/van wilder/national lampoons/american pie movie

Amanda V (au) wrote: Average movie- Nick Cannon coulda done better but hey I ain't no actress myself! He comes out better at the end gaining the respect of his colleagues all because of a hunch and he gets himself emotionally involved with one of the culprits stealing flash cars. Good movie because Nick has to relive his school days- posing as an undercover cop and any plot to do with American schools is all good!

Robert S (au) wrote: an underrated gem of a thriller. Maybe DePalma's best technical work. The pacing, fiery dialog, and expertly choreographed scenes that continue unbroken by any fast edits give this film a giddy, coke binge grandeur. If you haven't seen it on a wide screen, get a bluray copy and revisit it.

Letitia L (mx) wrote: The iconic theme song of this Wong Fei Hung trilogy defined "heroic" for my generation of Chinese kids. Revisited this childhood staple with my family on New Year's Eve. With the comedy, nonstop action, romance and stirring story of overcoming oppression, this is another all-in-one Hong Kong miracle product from Tsui Hark. Jet Li looked great in this film, that face is just so righteous. And you get to see him in a 3-piece suit at the end!The dialogue was beautiful and rousingly poetic, that's something non-Chinese speaking audiences will lose. The common saying "Ren yi shi feng ping lang jing, tui yi bu hai kuo tian kong" translates to: "Bear it for a while to calm the wind and still the waves, retreat a step to broaden the sea and clear the sky" explains why the Chinese people often swallow their pride to avoid confrontation for the 'greater good'. Until the red-blooded, patriotic Doctor Wong Fei Hung comes along and yells at China to wake up and stand up to their Manchurian and foreign conquerors, to bleed for their motherland.The film is a bit too long at 2+ hours. It won't bore you, but you have to go into it prepared for a LotR-type epic.

Mic R (nl) wrote: Certainly not of this world. Extra half star for Action Man.

Susanna M (ca) wrote: I grew up on this. My mom still has the soundtrack on vinyl record. The score alone gets 5 stars. Vangelis is a genius!! Costume, 5 stars. Had to watch as an adult to appreciate good acting.Could easily be remade today, too...

Michael C (br) wrote: "Man of a Thousand Faces" is a film where a brilliant, well-known actor (James Cagney) take on the very difficult cast of portraying another brilliant, well-known actor. And Cagney does a magnificent job in bringing the role to life; however, he might be the sole quality that stands out as exemplary in an otherwise disappointing film.The film begins by informing the audience that celebrated actor Lon Chaney was so beloved that on the day of his death Universal Studios shut down for a day in his memory. We are then taken back to Chaney's childhood, where we have the chance to see the origins of this man who was so admired. It is here where the film begins to have problems. We learn that Chaney was the child of deaf parents, a fact that he was teased for often, and one that caused him to learn sign language as well as mimicry skills that would aid him much later in his career. We then fast-forward to his time on vaudeville as a clown, where he discovers that his wife, Cleva, at the time is pregnant, and reluctantly agrees to let her meet his parents. Upon learning his parents are deaf, the wife does not want to have the child because of the high possibility he could be born deaf as well. Chaney's first wife may be the weakest element of the film. Her objection to the child's possibly imperfection is pretty repulsive, and we are meant to know that because her delivery is excrutiatingly over-the-top and melodramatic. If this was a Douglas Sirk type picture where everyone is this extreme, this would be tolerable. But instead she sticks out as just bizarre and off-putting, while Cagney plays the scene as genuinely heartbreaking. The choice of music makes it more bizarre, as it is the soundtrack that would be used in a horror picture, not a moment of genuine drama. From this point forward the film seems to fall in and out of balance. Chaney loses his job on stage after Cleva attempts suicide and then flees, and he loses custody of his son for a time. He finally finds success in Hollywood as "The Man of a Thousand Faces", a master of makeup and mimicry that causes him to achieve a monumental level of success. This section of the film is probably the strongest; sure it seems to just spell out what Chaney was up to at the time and in some ways doesn't feel like it's going in any defined direction, but Cagney does it very well and replicates Chaney's classic roles beautifully........and then Cleva comes back in the picture, and the melodrama arrives once more, this time prompted by both Cleva and his now-teenage son Creighton (who would grow to become Lon Chaney, Jr. of "The Wolfman" fame). It is then that the movie loses its footing again, and once again makes for frustrating, awkward viewing.I cannot completely assail the film, as it is based on a true story, and I can't completely condemn the script if it does indeed follow life events accurately, but I doubt the more dramatic scenes in Chaney's life were this exaggerated. It also suffers from playing too heavily with the "false epiphany" concept that is way too common in biopics. Let me give an example:BOY: Pops great with faces, he's got a thousand of 'em!AGENT: Imagine that, a MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES. We could run with that! (the film "Walk Hard" has a great running joke about this common flaw in biopics)Skipping this film, you wouldn't be missing too much. If you do catch it, it's nice to learn some more about Lon Chaney's life and see a great performance by Cagney, but you'll still be stuck watching a film that's mediocre at best. If you want to see a fantastic Cagney biopic, stick with Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Jeremy C (br) wrote: Mercury Rising is a very good movie. But its slow.GRADE:A-

Alejandro E (fr) wrote: Smart choice for kids inspired on ancient maori culture.For whole family

Nikita R (ru) wrote: An awe inspiring set of scenes, acted divinely by seasoned professionals. Steven Spielberg does it again.

Mary L (au) wrote: Absolutely loved this movie!