La menace

La menace

Henri Savin has managed a trucking company for his lover, Dominique Montlaur, for many years. Now he is planning to leave her for Julie Manet, the woman he has made pregnant, and Dominique is hysterical. She first threatens suicide, then shows up at a meeting of Savin and Julie. Dominique tries everything she can think of to break Savin and Julie apart, to no avail. Frustrated in her efforts, she jumps off a cliff and dies. Savin insists that he and Julie lie to the police about the encounter, although Dominique's death was a suicide and therefore they had no direct hand in it. Detective Waldeck investigates Dominique's death.

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Tim D (br) wrote: Once again I've been watching Zone Horror. Seriously strange movie. Doesn't have a lot going for it, but what it does right is pretty decent. Basic, but watchable.

Fabian Q (au) wrote: Mierda de pelicula, hasta los mismos personajes lo dicen en la pelicula, que ms quieren?. Le doy 1 estrella por las morras NOMAS

miranda p (kr) wrote: Good movie! i think that the story was good but the subject was sad.

Jakki J (kr) wrote: Caught this on TV recently and found it to be overall mediocre, but enjoyable in spots. Kim Novak is breathtaking and Rosalind Russel is a hoot, as usual. Plot had holes and William Holden seemed a bit too old for the role. I think Paul Newman would have been a much better choice. I wasn't really crazy about the ending, but it was certainly realistic and one could easily predict what most likely came of the leads. Still, an intriguing slice of Americana, with similar appeal as State Fair.

Dan A (us) wrote: I think is time to Dance Lambada .My wife would love it .

James H (kr) wrote: 66/100. Exceptional art direction and cinematography, quite amazing really. The film is a little too slow moving but it is so beautiful to look at, it makes it quite watchable. Sean Connery is fine, Audrey Hepburn is surprisingly subdued. Great score, well edited. On the technical side it is outstanding. It is good, but falls short of great.

Brett S (nl) wrote: I really liked this one. I thought it was hilarious.

Asif B (fr) wrote: I like pretty much everything with James Stewart in is a very solid 1940s classic.....based on true story....James Stewart as usual gives a solid performance...the direction could have been much better...the movie all of a sudden reaches to it's conclusion...the narration is dull....but a good watch nevertheless.....

Anthony H (us) wrote: Still a really good film. Yes, the action is not as good in 2016 as it was in 1982, but the movie still funny. I find it strange that people call this film cliche when this film actually created a lot of these cliches.

Bobby K (au) wrote: The film is a real piece of work, and I mean that in the best way possible. Ferrara camera portrays a man who has fallen into the abyss with such passion that it becomes the whole reason this film is discussed. The narrative is muddled and unfocused, much like the psychosis of the nameless protagonist, played with passionate intensity by the ever great Keitel. It works for the aesthetic it wants, but perhaps is too content to in that aesthetic to remember that it also has what seems like a tacked on mystery that either detracts from the experience or you get wrapped up in this subplot and hate the long shots of Keitel living at the bottom of the abyss. By no means a bad movie, but a critically flawed one.

Tom C (jp) wrote: Fairly ballsy to create a documentary as such, using only stock footage and no interviews or even a narration. It definitely does a job of putting the viewer right on the frontlines of the campaign trail. However, the story seems to lack a certain comprehensiveness of the big picture, not to mention any form of suspense as to the conclusion. It would be different if it were a cliffhanger election.