La mesa que más aplauda

La mesa que más aplauda


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Conan 3 (mx) wrote: A product of America that registers American soldiers' sacrifices. Look past the nationalism and enjoy a good action movie with some factual basis. Like this: try HurtLocker or Lone Survivor.

Toivo K (nl) wrote: Greg Kinnear does a good job in this quality drama.

Dolby M (fr) wrote: The worst of the Underworlds. Archaic setting and overly long and talky.

Stacey L (fr) wrote: Really excellent cinematography, i thought. Excellent performances by all the actors- i thought this film was really great and i wondered why i had never heard of it before.

Brenda M (kr) wrote: Better than the first!

John S (us) wrote: This was a enjoyable separation from Kevin Smith's normal films. It maybe a little clich at times and serve as a sitcom than a movie, but over all it is a feel good movie about fatherhood, lost opportunities, and New Jersey. I love Ben Affleck as an actor, so I am bias. It's worth a watch if you like Kevin Smith, Ben Affleck and/or don't mind heartwarming movies, almost to the schmaltzy variety.

Adam A (jp) wrote: With identifiable characters, quotable one-liners and to-the-extreme outcomes, "Office Space" manages to put a big smile on a hard-working persons face!

Kevin L (us) wrote: With monumental acting from both leads, Danton successfully brings the world of the Paris terror to life

Lee H (jp) wrote: LOL what a chick flick! Unbelievable!

Douglas M (ag) wrote: I liked it because I watched it with a very very pretty lady.

Cliff M (ag) wrote: Forget the arguments about accents, costume and casting because it's a fun ride, with plenty of dramatic action and spoon fights!? And Costner just looks so cool.