La miel

La miel

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James D (us) wrote: Did not stink as I thought it would. Kind of touching.

Priyatam M (ag) wrote: shocking. thought provoking, brutal. If every diplomat and politician in the world watches this -- there would be no more "concentration camps," there would be no North Korea.

Aisha S (it) wrote: I like Garfield! it was a nice movie. I like the part where all these little dogs were trying to get the's rilarious!!

Sara (us) wrote: Sounds weird, but hey.

Marcus W (gb) wrote: Super interesting topic and good interviews, but seriously low production value and tedious directing made it definitively lame.

Josiah B (br) wrote: This is one of those movies I could watch over and over and over again.

Andr D (gb) wrote: La historia verdadera sobre una foca llamada Andr, que fue adoptada por una familia a comienzos de los aos 60, logra llegar al corazn gracias al talento y la delicadeza del director George Miller ("Mad Max", "Babe"). Los crditos finales que incluyen tomas de la vida real, le arrancan una lgrima a cualquiera.

Pushkaraj S (br) wrote: WATCH THIS MOVIE! its not just a sobby tragic story - its a complete depiction of life itself. the pain and the love the trauma and the happiness -both lost and found shall sway you to tears. This was the movie that made me realise that movies can make you cry! This movie is definitely the finst piece of work from the classic ages of bollywood. A MUST WATCH!

Andy P (mx) wrote: One of my favourite films. It plays as a very thoughtful interegation on the human psyche. The audience is never quite sure of what the reality of the situation is. Burt Lancaster and Susan Surandon give fantastic performances as two people whose desire for both the percieved better past and the hopeful future has distorted their reality in the present. There is a moment in the film where Lancaster's Lou has a reality check given to him based on the actions he takes. Its a fantasic scene in the film that creates great drama and an even better ending.

Patrick N (ag) wrote: best movie ever also..

Leonard D (nl) wrote: This was pretty frightening!

Matt B (it) wrote: A must see documentary looking into the effects our daily lives and society has in altering our environments permanently. Racing extinction has many eye-opening moments that surprise and stun viewers, and offer ways that each individual can lead a more conservative lifestyle to prevent an even further decline in species diversity across the globe.