La mort de ningú: L'enigma Heinz Ches

La mort de ningú: L'enigma Heinz Ches


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La mort de ningú: L'enigma Heinz Ches torrent reviews

Hina A (jp) wrote: God, this movie made so little sense at times...

Gautham K (jp) wrote: this was a short film made into a wonderful feature film and its amazing..

Sameer D (au) wrote: There are no winners in a war.....everyone loses.

Rob P (gb) wrote: Absolutely fantastic, kind of annoyed with myself that it took so long for me to watch this incredible emotional journey. One of the best films i've watched in a long time.

Steve B (it) wrote: "Hey, my cool white hipster buddy with trendy hair and a hoody, wanna hang out?" "Hey, yeah like, cool, white hipster chick, let's like totally do that" "Cool. Like, I need to get my hat. Wanna, like, go get my hat?" "Like, yeah cool. Then let's have some coleslaw..." Are you shitting me? Anyone heard of a SCREENPLAY...

Mayank F (fr) wrote: typical bollywood movie.....blended with musical numbers and good actiion sequences make Krrish something to enjoy beyond logic.

ANDERSON G (ca) wrote: The film has a very simple script, but compensates for its narrative, starting from behind forward, are not the end of scenes that blend with first, as pulb fiction or amnesia, the film actually begins the end and ends at the beginning, with a camera that not is on a tripod and is always hanging around the scenario causing queasiness, the rape scene controversy is certainly one of the most angostiantes movie, if you got sick of the scene, she reached her then aim can not be faulted, the sequence plan simulation is also very good, and the excelent performance, inrreversible is a film for a few, but it sure is a cenematografica experience that has to be assisted.

Bach P (fr) wrote: Best described as the 90's Belgian version of "Chop Shop", "La Promesse" is the age old story of a young boy becoming a man. The film follows 15 year old Igor and his father Roger as they run an illegal immigrants hostel. Their daily life of scheming and peddling take a huge turn as one of their residents suddenly dies in an accident. The young Igor is the last to see the resident die, and takes the dying man's request of helping out his family. "La Promesse" is a crushing film that details the difficult decisions that Igor has to make as the dying man's family runs into a pile of trouble. The film runs at a break-neck pace and really catches the intensity of the drama well with it's almost documentary-like feel. Despite the fast-pace feel of the film, the shots are breathtakingly effective. "La Promesse" is not a very well-known film, but it certainly is one of the best foreign films of the 90's. Definitely worth a watch.

Barry H (it) wrote: Reasonable little movie.

Emily S (gb) wrote: One of the best of all time. Magical!

EQ R (de) wrote: The film was off to a great start, strong revenge plot and some good action. As the movie went on we were treated to a good performance from lead Zoe Saldana and a few more nice smaller action scenes. Besides that the film is littered with problems. Director Oliver Megaton has the worst sense of direction for big action sets and hand to hand combat scenes, his editing and coming style is way to shakey and the cuts are so quick it's hard to comprehend. There are also some very forgettable characters and a romantic plot that should not have been in here. Overall it was an ok time waster but it was too long and not as interesting as it could have been to watch again. D+

Sam A (au) wrote: This is probably my favorite Western film (that I've seen which is not many). It is fast paced with enjoyable and endearing performances mixed with cold blooded violence and a climactic final shootout. Though it is not historically accurate and the titular character has very little to do with the actual movie, My Darling Clementine is a must see film for Western fans and normal film fans alike.

Simona D (gb) wrote: Jazz music,Paris,Paul Newman,Sidney Poitier,Louis Armstrong,what else can I say?