La mujer de otro

La mujer de otro


Ana and Andres meet again after many years. They are no longer two youngsters, both are married with children. Andres insists, but Ana has trouble in forgetting what happened long ago, when he left without saying goodbye to go to Paris. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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shanna F (nl) wrote: Great movie I really enjoyed this film excellent story line

Akeem A (jp) wrote: Beautiful ending.. Not a classic movie but the young Irish girl really captured my heart. Her performance was just beautiful.. without her this movie would have been wack!!!

Brody H (jp) wrote: People should put more effort into comedy, and watch this movie. Yeah, It's that funny. I don't think there's been anyone funnier that Bill, Jeff, Larry, and Ron.

Denise H (es) wrote: Comedy and tragedy artfully played out in a country in the midst of bombings and aircraft gun strafing. The actors portrayed are Kurds living near the borders of Iran and Iraq. The elderly Mirza (musician) and his two sons travel across the border to rescue Mirza's ex-wife (who is still married to him as we find out). He still loves her and will risk everything to find her and keep her from harm. His sons try to talk him out of it but he's adamant. What follows is poignant but shows the courage and culture of a proud people that have learned to accept life as it comes and not to expect more than that!

Jin I (us) wrote: awesome editing. way better than brokeback

Noah S (it) wrote: Washington is mesmerizing in this brutal crime drama and he brings it home for sure.

Leigh B (de) wrote: Fun and interesting movie.

juliana h (ag) wrote: really bizarre movie with an unexpected ending.

Kristy P (de) wrote: Let me get this straight...soldiers in Vietnam are running around trying to save an elephant?? Story was okay, but highly unbelivable.

Cody C (jp) wrote: Everything that was influenced by it is so overwhelmingly better than it. John From Cincinnati, The Cable Guy, Borat, it's all just lightyears better. It's like they had a good idea, but the script wasn't as good as the idea, or the timing just wasn't right for it, I dunno. However, as far as the look of it, the cinematography and lighting is great. It's everything I wanna look at, when I watch a movie. But the actual content just is grating for me.

Kitty Kitty B (gb) wrote: I rented this from Netflix based solely on the fact that Patricia Clarkson is in it. What a delightful surprise. Given that there are lots of scares in it, it's in the horror genre and I think good horror movies (and comedies) are really hard movies to make. One of the things I liked so much about this one is that there are horrors on multiple layers. The basic premise is a family (mom, dad, son) leaving the hustle and bustle of Manhattan for a relaxing weekend in the Catskills. Almost immediately you get a fright, but it's not some ridiculous, incredible scare. Instead it's based in nature which is truly our biggest collective threat in this life. The multiple scary layers to come include more nature challenges, family dynamic issues, mythic monsters (with welcome low-tech special effects) and my favorite of all, culture clashes. Fessenden includes all kinds of little artsy details throughout that I really appreciated, and scored the film primarily with Native American instruments and voice. There is a lot of human anger in this movie and I think it is used well to support what is going on. I read some other reviews here on Facebook and they talk a lot about the Native American myth that gives the movie its title. I found the other parts of the movie a lot more interesting than that and took the whole myth thing to be more about the imagination and turmoil the little boy was processing during this trip than an attempt to push the myth angle. The one thing I can't rave about is the ending because it has some problems but even with that, I was delightfully surprised and really liked the movie overall.

Yuri B (ag) wrote: This is the film that launched Travolta from TV (Welcome Back Kotter) to the big the screen... & had of the most classic and greatest selling soundtracks of all time.

Dustin S (ca) wrote: Great twist at the end! Typical cheesy death sceens as peer the movie era but excellent story plot for its time

Nicole O (es) wrote: WATTSTAX reminds me of Les Blank/ALWAYS FOR PLEASURE in the editing and photography, which is gorgeous. Richard Pryor was a welcome surprise, and acts as the film's narrator. This is one film I am really looking forward to watching the director commentary.

Margarita S (es) wrote: A very cool concept. Great look and feel - the colours and shots. It's also well cast. On the minus side, too many ideas are jammed into this action film, so nothing's really explored with any depth. Real shame. The romantic angle was also frustratingly unnecessary to advance the story. To make it worse, the chemistry between Seyfried and Timberlake was non-existent.

Lovyn L (ag) wrote: Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time!

Jeffrey C (au) wrote: Interesting as a story but as a movie it had problems with pacing.

Julia M (de) wrote: This is one heavy duty chiller, made all the better by several first rate performances. This is no lightweight movie, but genuine horror. Powerful and shocking in it's denoument. Sadly it is under-rated and nearly forgotten. Brilliant movie.