La noche de los muertos

La noche de los muertos

A couple buys a house and have a son, this sees a little girl who appears and plays with it, but what marriage does not know that it is a ghost. Each May 9 students study province celebrate... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


La noche de los muertos torrent reviews

Kevin W (kr) wrote: Such a slow moving movie, but the giant baby is makes it's bearable.

Michael J (nl) wrote: First was definitely better, but this one was pretty good too! Much more far-fetched...

Rosangela S (jp) wrote: I watched this movie when I was a little girl and loved it

Steven B (ag) wrote: This is a movie I remember from my childhood. My friends and I loved it, we were able to relate it back to our typical feuds with other neighborhood kids which typically kicked off in the summer time.

Charles G (ca) wrote: A Classic that everyone should watch if they get a chance.

Bobby L (kr) wrote: Really good and interesting. The acting is a little hammy, and some scenes go on too long, but overall pretty solid