La noche eterna

La noche eterna

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Kara H (us) wrote: Excellent way to shine the light on mental illness with incredible acting to boot. From a mother with bipolar disorder to a lawyer with schizophrenia to a comedian with depression and suicidal to a commander in chief with post traumatic stress disorder... A tearjerker, and reminder that these things are as real as any physical illness, and there is always hope.

Marnix S (kr) wrote: really great, interesting, thrilling.

Steve S (mx) wrote: For better or worse, James Franco has done exactly what he promised with "Sal", a look at the actors last day before being murdered outside of his West Hollywood apartment building. The downside to this is that we get long scenes that portray the mundane and uninvolving moments of the day. But, some of those moments come across as more real because of this. Good performances help, as does some authentic sounding dialog. This could have turned out terrible, but it could have been a lot better as well.

Jerry J (nl) wrote: A great Good Samaritan & Superhero Movie!!! I grew up reading comic books. It's great to see them embraced in the film industry--all types from big budget stuff like the dark knight trilogies to smaller, independent and heart-felt fare, like this one! I look forward to other ventures by Marcus Dean Fuller.

Sarmad A (ru) wrote: Must see ... Knowing the truth is one thing and seeing all its ugly details is something else ...

Ben G (ca) wrote: This film (or collection of three short films) could easily have become a masterpiece due to the incredible acting and phenomenal camera work/sets. The lighting, the angles, the buildings, the rooms, the lamps, everything was magically beautiful...however.. the stories were not.The first segment was the best in my opinion. the second, although clever with the silent movie/transcript parts suffered heavily from any sort of coherant storyline. The third was absolutely banal and pointless in my opinion. A thousand better portrayals of a bisexual singer and a photographer could have been realized than this. In the end a poor effort from Hou Hsien-Hsiao who has in the past put out some remarkable films.

Kelly W (it) wrote: Why all script writers and directos going for the same type of story telling?

Brody M (gb) wrote: An OK movie.Worth checking out at least once

Cheyenne (fr) wrote: I heard that Liam Neeson narrated this documentary so I only wanna see it so I can hear his beautiful vioce.

Benjamin S (fr) wrote: A truly great movie, but also very different from most movies. Quentin Tarantino delivers once again with this classic.

Aj V (mx) wrote: At first I thought this movie was going to be another boring drama. I was wrong. This was a good movie. You can't say that Keaton doesn't have range after seeing it. He really has an interesting character here, and you get to know and like him. There are some funny bits, and some twists to the story too.

Grant S (ru) wrote: Well-intentioned but clumsy.Hair Spray has some great ideals and intentions. Set in the 1950s it deals with racism and intolerance. Surely this is a basis for something profound.Unfortunately, no, not really. What follows is fairly predictable and unoriginal. if it was made in he 1950s it would have been quite revolutionary, but by now the topic has been explored a lot, and in much better detail.The fact that it is a musical detracts from the topic, making it feel light, rather than serious and gritty. The music itself is mostly quite dull, and seems to rely largely on existing 50s music with new lyrics (and the new lyrics don't do the old songs much justice).The main novelty of the movie is John Travolta acting as a woman. Unfortunately, ultimately that's all it is - a novelty. His performance feels clumsy and forced. A decent female actress would have done a better job.Remaining performances, from an all-star cast - Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Amanda Bynes, Queen Latifah, Zac Efron, Allison Janney, Brittany Snow, Jerry Stiller, are good though.

Chuck Z (de) wrote: Rock Hudson grows Barbara Carrera from an embryo and then he DOES her! It's stem-cell-riffic! Great '70s low budget classic!

Lynne G (fr) wrote: Very slow, very little story and very boring!It was sad to see Heather Graham in something this bad!