La noche oscura

La noche oscura


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:religion,  

Life of San Juan de la Cruz. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thedarkness L (mx) wrote: poor story and characters but action scenes very nice though.

Alex W (au) wrote: A really fascinating doc about the world of owning a restaurant. It takes on 3 that are all very different with the home cooking and high end restaurants having some great stories. Its amazing how much of themselves people can put into this work. The editing of these 3 stories together make these different not so different stories hum along and a great pace.

Joetaeb D (mx) wrote: With creative control unusually out of his hand, Kevin Smith is stranded while directing Cop out, which is more interested in playing dumb clichs and gags than respecting him or the fine chemistry between Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan.

Trina B (kr) wrote: Grade: A-In a Nutshell: Based on a true story, this smart sports movie hits a home run. The heavy-hitting cast includes Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman (I miss him), Robin Wright, and Chris Pratt.Uplifting theme: "Adapt or die." - Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) "How can you not be romantic about baseball?" - Billy "I'll change the game. I want it to mean something." - Billy Baseball is about people, not statistics. "There is an epic failure going on in the game to understand what is going on." -Peter Brand (Jonah Hill)Things I liked: Director Bennett Miller uses interesting camera angles to help you "see" things differently. He also jumps from the roar of the crowd to complete silence to help you "feel" things differently. Writer Aaron Sorkin is a master at quick-talking deals and clever wit. Some of the dialogues are simply hysterical. Brad Pitt gives a stirring performance, even though most of the time he is snacking on something or chewing gum. You hear the voice of sports announcers Bob Costas and Tim McCarver. Things I didn't like: At times the flashbacks get jumbled up with the present day and break up the flow of the story. I hate it when brilliant, visionary protagonists get away with being jerks. For example, Billy is constantly pushing over desks and throwing chairs in tantrums. If you're not a baseball fan, you might be a little bored at first and not understand some of the references to legends and players. Keep watching.Funny lines: "I'm not going to fire you." - Billy"F-You!" - Grady Fusion (Ken Medlock)"Now I am." - Billy "Who's Fabio?" - John Poloni (Jack McGee) "That sounds like fortune cookie wisdom to me, Billy." - Grady"No, that's just logic." - Billy "I asked you to do 3 evaluations. How many did you do?" - Billy"47. Actually, 51. I don't know why I lied just then." - Peter "Do you want me to speak?" - Peter"Yeah, when I point at you." - Billy "It's not that hard. Tell him, Wash." - Billy"It's incredibly hard." - Ron Washington (Brent Jennings) "Good meeting. Every time we talk, I'm reinvigorated by the love of the game." - Billy, sarcastically to Art Howe (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) "What's your biggest fear?" - David Justice (Stephen Bishop)"A baseball being hit in my general direction." - Scott Hatteberg (Chris Pratt)"No. Seriously." - David"Seriously, that's it." - ScottBilly's advice: "When you get the answer you're looking for, hang up." "You may not look like a winning team, but you are one. So, play like one tonight." "Is losing fun? Then what are you doing having fun?"Tips for parents: 2 F-bombs. Wait, this is PG-13 movie, right? According to the MPAA, PG-13 movies are only allowed 1 F-bomb, unless a vote earns a two-thirds majority saying it's ok to have more. Lame. There's a scene where a baseball player starts to take his pants down and dances on a table, but you don't see anything. It's actually a really safe movie for kids, although they may be a bit bored with all of the talk of statistics and economics of the game.

Graham D (es) wrote: Boredom leads to tedium culminating in a spectacularly flat final scene. Whatever your feelings on Dali, he was never this dull.

Zachary G (mx) wrote: *shoots self in the head*I hate when I see terrible movies!My friends are never aloud to pick a movie again.

Sheri A (us) wrote: Get the Blu-Ray edition. Totally bad ass. Don't miss this movie. James Garner, who did ALL his own driving, and Yves Montand are awesome (despite the fact that Montand got towed around by a GT40 doing 130mph). F3 cars dressed up as F1s, all shot on location in Europe at several F1 venue. Awesome cinematography by John Frankenheimer and really-cool-for-the-day opening title sequence. Best. Racing. Movie. Ever. Period.

Beth C (fr) wrote: When I rented in I thought, "What? A Disney/Hayley Mills movie I've never heard of??? It can't possibly go wrong!" Oh yes it can.

Van R (br) wrote: Gary Cooper masquerades as a lanky, fish-out-of-water, U.S. Marshal dressed in a stove-pipe hat and a fancy frock coat in "Along Came Jones" director Stuart Heisler's tongue-in-cheek western potboiler "Dallas" that depicts our protagonist's efforts to track down the low-down, no-account varmints that torched his Georgia plantation and killed his wife and son. Raymond Massey, Steve Cochran, and Zon Murray are suitably cast as the dastards that destroy our leading man's life and turned him into a hunted man with a price on his head. Warner Brothers released this post-Civil War oater in December 1950 before "High Noon" came out in 1952. Although this Technicolor horse opera lacks the brooding gravity of "High Noon," "Dallas" qualifies as respectable, lightweight, horse opera that offers enough thrills and frills to keep Cooper fans and western fanatics occupied during its brisk 94 minutes. An interracial romance between our former Confederate officer and a beautiful Mexican senorita highlights the narrative about the lawless days that followed the end of the Civil War in Texas. "Colorado Territory" scenarist John Twist enlivens this routine shoot'em up with some flavorful dialogue. The scene in the stagecoach when a former unreconstructed Confederate trades places with a woman who champions the cause of the carpetbaggers benefits from the spicy dialogue. Massey makes a good, conniving villain but his plans unravel because he cannot control his trigger-happy siblings. Moreover, Cooper outsmarts him at every turn. Most of what transpires in this western is thoroughly unbelievable. The famous frontier lawman Wild Bill Hickok puts in an appearance during the first quarter-hour. The romance between Gary Cooper and Ruth Roman generates only minimal sparks. The funniest scene occurs before a gunfight when Cooper spooks one of the villains by stepping on a cat's tail. Of course, Heisler doesn't show Cooper squashing the cat's tail. Anyway, the feline cuts loose with an eldritch screech that flushes the villain out into the open to blast away at our hero. Predictably, Cooper drops the bad guy in his tracks. "King Kong"composer Max Steiner's score incorporates a great deal of traditional Warner Brothers' soundtracks."Dallas" opens with the villainous Marlow family rustling the cattle of Mexican rancher Don Felipe Robles(Antonio Moreno of "Seven Sinners") but Bryant Marlow (Steve Cochran of "White Heat")doesn't understand how stealing Robles' steers will help his older brother, Will Marlow (Raymond Massey of "Desperate Journey"), get the money back that he has loaned Don Felipe. "I don't buy mortages to get paid back. I buy them to foreclose." Will assures Bryant and Cullen (Zon Murray of "Hurricane Island") that "the black soil of Dallas County" will make them wealthy. Will reminds them that they have to restrain their use of violence so his evil plans can succeed. "There'll be no killing here," Will dictates. "Things won't be like they were in Georgia." Bryant and Cullen out as Don Felipe and his son Luis (Gil Donaldson of "Treasure of the Golden Condor") ride up. Don Felipe openly accuses Will and his family of rustling their cattle. "You're blaming me for all the war-bred scum in Texas?" Will is appalled by Don Felipe's implication. "It isn't my fault that Texas isn't back in the Union." Luis sees through Will's double-talk. Bryant and Cullen rein up nearby and Cullen shoots Luis in the thigh against Will's orders. Don Felipe spews venom. "Brave, strong, . . . just like lizards in dark corners." The Mexican warns Will that his lawless day are numbered because a U.S. Marshal is in route.Boston born Martin Weatherby (Leif Ericson of "Carbine Williams") is the new marshal. He is dressed outrageously like the tin-horn that he is and doesn't even tote a six-shooter. When he arrives in Springfield, Missouri, Weatherby finds himself caught in the middle of a shoot-out between Blayde Hollister (Gary Cooper of "Sergeant York") and the legendary Wild Bill Hickox (Reed Hadley of "Now, Voyager") on main street that leaves Blayde in the dust. As it turns out, Blayde and Wild Bill staged the duel so Blayde doesn't have to worry about bounty hunters. Blayde accompanies Weatherby to Dallas, but he swaps clothes with him and impersonates him. Blayde is after Will and lulls him into a false sense of security for him. No sooner than he rides into Dallas, Blayde blows holes in Cullen and takes up with Weatherby's girl, Tonia Robles (Ruth Roman of "Champion"), who doesn't quite understand his motives.Predictably, Blayde exacts his revenge on Will Marlow. Martin engineers a pardon for the former Confederate officer, but he hesitates to give it to Blayde after our hero steals his girl. The John Twist screenplay is about as far-fetched as a western comic book, but Cooper seems to be having fun impersonating a dude and making a fool out of the chief villain. "Dallas" is nowhere as good as either "High Noon" or "Vera Cruz," but it is still an above-average opera with a sense of humor.

David W (jp) wrote: Kind of slow, but still a bit interesting.

Ted W (ag) wrote: Had to re-watch this gem after receiving a Toler box set for Christmas. Oland is Chan and will always be in my book. Opera pairs him with Karloff the Uncanny in a solid, exciting entry in the series. I think this and the Olympics are probably the two most interesting Chan movies ever made.

Grant W (us) wrote: Upon first viewing this film, it manages to succeed at being an entertaining and funny commentary about the arts of magic, despite its clumsiness to telling the story.However, just like a real magic show, once we've learned all of the magician's secrets, it becomes completely pointless to ever see it again.Oh and don't get me started on that dang romance subplot that is shoehorned into this film. Hollywood at its most obvious.

PY C (br) wrote: Very creative idea indeed and tears were forming toward the ending. Grateful for the message that anyone can cook! Anyone can do great things if they put their mind to it!

Simon T (kr) wrote: The first 40 minutes of Wall-E are so beautifully animated, touching and unusual that it's a real shame that what follows them is so leaden, obvious and overdone. Pixar have rather lost their way in recent years, and arguably the first cracks were showing here. But those opening sequences are worth the price of admission.