La nonna Sabella

La nonna Sabella

Raffaele vive a Napoli, dove studia, ma viene richiamato al paese per dare l'ultimo saluto alla nonna Sabella, morente. Appena arrivato scopre che la nonna non è morente affatto e che ha ...

Raffaele vive a Napoli, dove studia, ma viene richiamato al paese per dare l'ultimo saluto alla nonna Sabella, morente. Appena arrivato scopre che la nonna non è morente affatto e che ha ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tio B (br) wrote: I give them credit for getting this insane drama made in the first place, but it should have been better. It feels incomplete, perhaps cut. But bizarre films that make you feel something are rare. Carradine, Smith, and Dourif are fascinating.

Jaidyn P (br) wrote: The perfect start of the conclusion to an amazing franchise!

Jesse B (es) wrote: DECK THE HALLS is nothing spectacular, especially when compared to other great Christmas movies such as SCROOGED, A CHRISTMAS VACATION, A CHRISTMAS STORY, etc., but it's certainly not as bad as most make it out to be. I mean, you can't help but enjoy a movie starring both Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito. And though it feels about 20-30 minutes too long, and the story is repetitive and a clich (C) of a dozen other Christmas films, it nevertheless is an enjoyable holiday movie that everyone in the family can watch (and somewhat laugh at).

Adrian Z (br) wrote: 2.5 - Road movie that sees a man on a cross country drive with his girlfriend's spoiled rich son, who happens to hate him. Depending on how keen you are on Ed O'Neill brand of humour (I like it, personally), he gets some good laughs, but Ethan Randall's character is so repugnant, it's hard to stomach. His almost sudden transformation into a sweet reformed kid later on is hard to accept, but that's a weakness that has to be attributed to John Hughes' tired script, not the child actor himself, who does have some surprisingly funny scenes of his own.

Private U (it) wrote: Rod Steiger was pretty damn impressive here, taking on many different personas as a deranged killer. Somehow was able to be BOTH a suspense thriller and a comedy.

Senor C (us) wrote: Most movies that get featured on MST3K I don't expect to be very good. Sometimes you hope for some so bad it's good like Horror of Spider Island & you don't need Mike/Joel or the bots. The Slime People is so baffling & w/ a cheesy monster design you wouldn't figure you'd need it but it's so incredibly dull in spots it cries for it. It would have helped me from battling nodding off. When this opened I was thinking it was going to be rich in Z-grade monster goodness but sadly they dry up for the better part of the film & there never is any heavy confrontation. & because of it's dime store budget it explains this exuberant defense that the Slime People have but we're never able to actually see it...boring & cheap

Amber A (au) wrote: this movie is a classic. I loved it. They don't make movies like this anymore. The music and color are fantastic. It's just a fun movie. and was written beautifully.

Bradyn B (us) wrote: Being There: But Where, Exactly?Being There will make you wonder where you are and why you are there the whole time until at the end you finally understand. Hal Ashby (director) seems to manage to keep an ongoing joke last much longer than it needs to, to the point where you begin to question if finishing the movie is worth it at all. However, if you can stick around to the end, you will be left pleasantly surprised and feel surprisingly pleasant. Though different yet delightful, this film, with it's Academy Award and Golden Globe winning main character and Academy Award winning director, will have you thinking in a new transcendental way. Chance (Peter Sellers) is an unordinary gardener who has lived his entire life within the walls of his master's home. All he knows is what he has seen on television, which happens to be his favorite thing to do. When his master dies, he falls into the world unknown to him, that is, the everyday world that he has somehow avoided. He is picked up by Eve Rand (Shirley MacLaine), who, with the help of her dying husband Ben Rand (Melvyn Douglas), introduces him to a world of wealth and power and politics, where his dimwitted, or brilliant, mind lead him to become a well respected and sought after man in Washington D.C. Ashby does not leave us disappointed with this film. He captures this repetitive joke that men in powerful positions are easily captured by Chance's advice, even though he is an illiterate gardener, to the point that he himself becomes considered to run for presidential office. Ashby keeps everything uncomplicated, however, just like Chance's character, as though the film itself is a representation of the lead role. He also portrays each scene very simply, yet frames it as though it were a work of classic art, very beautiful and captivating, yet a little tiring after a while. I have to say that Ashby took a bit of a risk with this film, after the somewhat recent release of Star Wars just two years before, the late 70's was all about Syfy and space, not somber, dark comedies. Even though the genre was not the most popular at the time, Ashby still managed to knock the socks off the audience.As Seller's last work, he keeps you entertained throughout and enlightens you at the end. His character is not the brightest of folks, yet influences important people from thinking he knows how to fluently speak Russian, to ways to run a country. He is the only thing that really keeps you intrigued throughout the entire movie because you do not expect him to become as influential as he does. He keeps you slightly on your toes, waiting to find out if his true identity and social status will emerge, leaving him back out on the street with only a suitcase and remote control. Above all other aesthetic categories of the film, Seller's excellent and engaging performance most definitely steals the show.

Johnny B (gb) wrote: This was really funny.

Brad Y (ca) wrote: Boring and rarely funny, this movie wastes a lot of potential and lets bad jokes drag out far too long.

Paul D (nl) wrote: This is a guilty pleasure for me. It is a bit ridiculous, but I still find parts of it funny. Something about John Lithgow manages to entertain me no matter how good or bad the movie is.