La nostra vita

La nostra vita

Claudio works on a site in the suburbs of Rome. He is madly in love with his wife who is pregnant with their third child. However, a dramatic event comes to upset this simple and happy life. In a rage for life, Claudio energetically fights against the injustice that fell upon him. Love and support from his friends and family as well as the laughter of his children will help him to triumph against the odds.

Claudio, a construction worker, works on a site in the suburbs of Rome. He is madly in love with his wife who is pregnant with their third child. However, when he finds the remains of an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niklas S (gb) wrote: If you have followed Kitano's career as closley as I have you might have noticed the same thing as me. His last three projects, including this one has striktly been made for himself and the fans that know him by now. In "Takeshi's" he tried to explain the inner workings of his though process. In "Glory to the Filmmaker!" he showed the love he had for cinema and all of its genres. Now in this movie he focuses on one of his other passions which is art. It would'nt surprise me if the painting in this movie no matter how childish were painted by the man himself. And that is what I think art is to him, as fun as childsplay. More than on homage to art this movie has a great storyline and filled with emotion. One of the better Kitano movies in some time.

Naoya K (ca) wrote: King Hu's 11th and the last feature. An occult action based on the book of Chinese traditional ghost stories which "Touch of Zen" is also based on. As King Hu states, it is not as good as other works of him, mainly because of the lack of fund and cutting done by studio without Hu's admission (1.5 hrs supposed to be 2 hrs). Also as he states, in the second half of the film, it's just obviously out of money and cannot help but look cheap, although it surely has the touch of King Hu (He does as much as he can in the hard situation). Joey Wang is not so impressive, but Sammo Hung who plays a serious role (a Tao-master) looks fresh. Will we ever have a chance to see the director's cut (even tho Hu's not alive) of this one? (I doubt very much)

Cattera Y (kr) wrote: Tropic ThunderYou know it's a good movie where you get to see great actors trying their best to nail their worst acting

Ian H (ca) wrote: This movie was marked as "Comedy" so I was expecting a kind of French farce, but this was far better than I'd hoped: a wonderful look at friendship, what drives us, and finding contentment in the everyday and the routine. Told in a slow, meandering way: much like how a garden grows. And the end result is equally as satisfying.Great performances by the talented Daniel Auteuil and Jean-Pierre Darroussin also.

Jewel d (es) wrote: *blinks* This is ... eh? How? Now I have to watch it to find out...

tata p (es) wrote: Entraable relato. Con desbordante creatividad, Benigni dirige, escribe y protagoniza la pelcula italiana ms importante de la dcada

Josh G (mx) wrote: Nicolas Cage asks a woman why she married her husband, to which she replies that he was a poet. "Isn't this poetry?" Nicolas Cage asks as he rubs his hand on her crotch. If that sounds like the makings of a great film to you, then Zandalee may just be your cup of tea. Erika Anderson, who went on to star in.. um.. an episode of "The Red Shoe Diaries", is naked in almost every other scene. And Johnny (Cage), looking like an evil magician or Snidely Whiplash, is almost constantly spouting lines like, "I wanna shake you naked and eat you alive." The movie is about a man named Thierry (Judge Reinhold) who is living in New Orleans with his wife Zandalee. When Thierry's artist friend Johnny shows up, it gets Zandalee all hot and bothered, while Thierry is blissfully unaware of the affair that his wife and friend are having in the laundry room while he and his mother are eating dinner. I guess Zandalee likes Johnny because he's an artist, since she liked her husband for being a poet. Neither of the men are very good at their art, or any art for that matter: there is a dance scene late in the film that could have used some more practice. The times when Thierry is reciting his poems are laughable, considering just how terrible the poetry is. Actually, none of the characters really know what they want or what they're doing. Zandalee is scared of Johnny because of his wild, animalistic and somewhat abusive ways... but on the other hand, she really likes having sex with him. And who could resist a guy who spouts such philosophical musings as, "Why is it that the Baptists have all the women and no booze and the Catholics have all the booze and no women?" That is so true! On the other hand, Zandy can't bring herself to leave her effeminate husband because, well, he's her husband and they had something once (bad poetry). But she doesn't really like him, either, because he often seems more interested in helping lizards get out the window than in ravaging her oft-naked body. If I had a nickel for every time she climbed into bed nude and angry, I could probably buy a can of Coca-Cola. This probably would have made for a perfectly boring but acceptable film if it weren't for the ATROCIOUS acting by all parties involved. Nicolas Cage's over-acting just comes across as ridiculous here, and I'm not sure that Judge Reinhold had any motivation for being in this film other than lying next to a naked woman occasionally. If we are awarding medals for worst acting, though, it is certainly Anderson herself who takes the gold. I'm thinking that she was cast more on her willingness to remove her clothing than for her acting ability, as not one of her scenes works on any dramatic level at all. Oh, and then there's a cameo by Steve Buscemi, adding more faux-philosophy that I guess is supposed to be important to the film somehow, but doesn't really add up to anything more than wasted time. Zandalee is pretty bad. The acting is what really sunk this ship, but the script is pretty horrendous, and a bayou scene near the end is remarkably cheesy and pathetic. The movie may work still, barely, as unintentional comedy or as the softest of soft-core erotica... but I'm not even sure about that. Let's just leave it at "Zandalee is pretty bad" and call it a night. Whaddaya say? P.S. Actually, I am returning in order to delete a half-star from my rating because I just remembered that, SPOILER, Zandalee gets riddled with bullets in a completely out-of-left-field drive-by shooting at the end. Yes. Yes, indeed.

Tim W (kr) wrote: Another John Hughes holiday movie. It was cute and amusing, though forgettable. Good ol' John Candy being John Candy too.

Pierrick L (fr) wrote: Scream 10ans plus tard a donne Hack! (ou Fanatique pour la France). Le film fait rfrence au genre chaque minute et quand il le parodie il ne le fait pas avec la prtention qui tait prsente chez le tandem Craven/Williamson. Un slasher sympa dans une poque o le survival est devenu la seule rfrence du film d'horreur.

Jonathan C (ca) wrote: So I was reading an article about the Best Films of 1999 recently and Notting Hill was mentioned and I realized that not only haven't see. It, but never really thought much about it in many years. But for some reason these Richard Curtis produced movies all chip away at my film cynicism completely and I adore all of them I've seen.

Mandeep S (jp) wrote: An average thriller.

Edward C (mx) wrote: This Is Where I leave You(2014)Starring: Jason Batemen, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda, Corey Stoll, Adam Driver, Kathryn Hann, Rose Byrne, Abigail Spencer, Timothy Olyphant, and Ben SchwartzDirected By: Shawn LevyReviewThis is where I leave the mediocre stuff. If you were looking forward to seeing this like I was don't bother it's alright for a one time watch but not that impressive till pretty bad. You got some great performances from some of the main stars though.We open up in the picture with Jade(Batemen) who has a great life and everything is just the way he likes it until one day for his wife's birthday he goes home a little earlier and finds her sleeping with his boss. He loses job and his father dies. His fathers last request was that the family must stay under one roof together for a week.The cast does amazing in this movie with the poor script their given to work with especially Fey, Batemen, and Driver. The problem is that while the cast is amazing they all have mediocre material to work with.The movie is pretty bad but it has a ton of good with stellar performances and nice pacing. Everyone in my theater laughed a lot and when we laughed we laughed hard. The film is well handled and then it's very underhanded.This Is Where I Leave You has its moments, but given the amount of talent assembled onscreen you would expect something better rather then the letdown this film is it's strictly a rental. I give This Is Where I leave You a 2 1/2 out of 5.