La notte dell'alta marea

La notte dell'alta marea


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Elena V (ca) wrote: Boring as heck. They should have stopped at Nemo and called it a success. This overrated sequel to not hold up to the hype. I love Ellen and she is very talented. However, I found this movie to be a waste.

Lanky Man P (br) wrote: Amazing for any video game nerd out there.

Mark C (nl) wrote: I had high expectations coming into this one. Usually for a HK film, it means disaster for me. Not the case here. It met and maybe even exceed my expectations. Much reowned respect for Nicholas, whose performance is drastically different from his "pretty boy" roles in the past, and shows genuine emotions in his acting. As for Nick Cheung, I've always had an eye for him. (You get it) The story is great; I love how everything ties in together. There's a major plothole late in the movie but I'll live with it. Dante Lam is the anti-Benny Chan, who directed the often compared "Connected". Dante's movie has much more depth. Hell, I think I had tears in a couple scenes. P.S. The supporting actors are under-appreciated but gave an excellent performance, namely Uncle "Jee" and "Cousin" Kwok Jing Hung.As you can tell, I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!Edit: After seeing Dante Lam's next film "The Stool Piegon", I am scaling back my praises for him.

Private U (br) wrote: Powerful & brilliant stuff - very hard hitting ... The characters were very well portrayed by all concerned .. Nice to see Deepti Naval again doing what she does best ... Naseeruddin Shah lives upto expectations and probably has the best dialogues in the movie ...Focuses more on the human stories rather than the political issues during the Gujarat riots...One feels helpless and a little ashamed (if you're Indian) ... to realise the full implications of what happened in Gujarat during the riots ...

Terry M (fr) wrote: If you can get past the explicitness of the movie, it is an excellent film. I enjoyed it very much.

a m (it) wrote: Nice low-budget-japanese film. The ending is priceless.

Liliane S (ag) wrote: A classic movie. Strong.

gary t (kr) wrote: wow umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch its a fictional story but its really good n enjoyable throughout this movie...i think that rutger hauer plays a good part throughout this movie its a enjoyable mystery/action/adventure movie 2 watch its a good movie

Harry W (es) wrote: Based on one of the strangest novels I have ever read, Naked Lunch was a film that I hoped would be a massive mindf*ck.With the source material being the most complex and convoluted material I have read in my life, Naked Lunch is a hard film to adapt. To capture the same story with the same strange narrative structure and overwhelming quantity of grotesquely described plot points would be one great challenge, and the only way to ensure that it became a successful adaptation would be to maintain language that follows the material in some way and an insane type of imagery. When I think back on Naked Lunch as a book, the only things I can think of are the convoluted story, the intricate writing and scenes describing the sexual act of a rimjob and one person eating their own faeces, so I didn't expect these exact images to appear in Naked Lunch.The screenpay in Naked Lunch takes miscellaneous plot points from the source material and combines it with experiences from William S. Burrough's life, including the time that he accidentally killed his second wife Joan Vollmer in a drunken game of William Tell. With the sickeningly masterful mind that he has, David Cronenberg is able to cleverly combine these elements with the source material and create a story that works and maintains the dignity of its source material. David Cronenberg is able to craft an interesting script for Naked Lunch which is impressive considering that tying together such a complex novel with a strange structure is a challenge. In doing so he has to eliminate key plot points from the novel such as the protagonist's trip to Mexico, but he attempts to make up for it by putting in biographical elements. While this results in the scope of the film being a lot smaller, it simplifies the feature and makes it easier to keep up with, allowing it to be a somewhat comprehensive adaptation of the novel which captures the charm of both William S. Burrough's writing style and David Cronenberg's. He is the perfect person to be adapting the film because he builds a script with decent plot points and elements of the complex philosophical language present in the source material. The story itself may be thin and not as psychedelic as the source material due to its restrained nature as well as the fact that the imagery in the film is limited, but Naked Lunch is still an interesting film and one which is iconic of David Cronenberg's style.Naked Lunch is a very surreal experience. With Naked Lunch going between source material and William S. Burroughs' life story, the question of where the reality lies in it all is one which viewers are likely to find themselves asking. The line between reality and surrealism is a tight one that Naked Lunch walks, but David Cronenberg directs it all the way across with finesse and style. There is definitely a lot of striking images from the film which fit into a body horror type of context. The prosthetic makeup, puppetry and visual effects in the film are all very impressive because they are visually repulsive yet technically impressive. While the amount of settings the film takes place in proves to be very limited in the end, the scenery of the film does a strong job of making things feel legitimate and it is all captured with really strong cinematography. Everything in Naked Lunch looks good, and while it is not flawless in terms of consistency, it is certainly a very interesting experience to behold due to its creativity and originality as well as the fact that it manages to grasp some kind of psychotic theme along the lines of William S. Burrough's vision.And Naked Lunch even benefits from the efforts of a thoroughly talented cast.Peter Weller is the perfect casting decision for the lead character of William Lee. As the character is just an alter-ego of the story's author William S. Burroughs, the role demands an actor who looks like him well enough to play the part. Peter Weller is a perfect fit for the role. Instead of following the role into the territory of an archetype, Peter Weller manages to maintain a sense of sophistication most of the time in a combination of the way he is dressed and the way he approaches his lines. Considering that the film focuses all around him and much of his time in the film is spent talking to a typewriter that has turned into a cockroach, Peter Weller is able to clearly establish the mindset of the character with the right level of emotional restraint and subtlety about him, saying all his lines with a clear head and what seems like both a sense of confusion about the state of mind he is in as well as an understanding about the unpredictable and crazy nature of the world. Peter Weller captures the mental imbalance of the character very nicely and leads the film through all kinds of material well.Roy Scheider's supporting performance is interesting as well. Despite a very small amount of screen time, Roy Scheider is able to produce a performance which blends with the strange atmosphere of the film seamlessly well. He says every line with a quick wit and a seamless confidence as to what it all means, and he works very well with the material under direction from David Cronenberg. He shares a fine chemistry with Peter Weller whenever the two are on screen together and his general passionate energy for the material is impressive, so Roy Scheider is definitely a genial presence in Naked Lunch.Judy Davis also delivers a strong supporting effort with a constant sense of being in a distorted headspace which easily matches the atmospheric intentions of David Cronenberg.So while Naked Lunch is as odd as its source material yet significantly smaller in scope and scale, the general handling of the material by David Cronenberg is brilliantly surreal and the leading performance from Peter Weller is a perfect fit.

Dustin D (mx) wrote: An energetic and entertaining (if implausible) biopic. (The whole story unfolds as a series of flashbacks told to FDR in the Oval Office.)

Jamie C (mx) wrote: Top Gun with stock-cars instead of fighter jets, So many similarities that its hard to really take seriously, Apart from some ok racing scenes there's not allot to enjoy, The script was poorly written, Tom Cruise was good and the soundtrack was ok too, As far as a good movie I'm afraid it's very predictable and nothing new.

Virgilio L (jp) wrote: Meticulous powerhouse performance by Penn and outstanding direction that keeps the film moving briskly