La novizia

La novizia

A young man comes back to his provincial home town to visit his dying uncle who is being attended to by a night nurse and novice nun. Before long, the young man develops a deep longing for the young, beautiful nun.

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Joe S (gb) wrote: Very funny and holds up even now

James L (mx) wrote: The violence and black comedy mesh well together, entertaining fair that's all largely surface.

Wiebke K (de) wrote: If you have not watched this movie yet, get your hands on it and watch it as soon as possible -- a must see for everyone, but especially parents.

Tarek R (es) wrote: Could well be the best Lebanese film i've ever seen!

Daniel G (ag) wrote: Blue Valentine is a very real movie. No sugar coating. Sometimes people with really strong connections will end up breaking up and that's just the sad reality this tries to prove. Good acting and everything else. That being said, there's no much to else to this story. I guess since I haven't really gone through the same thing it doesn't get to me, and I can't help to think it will be a forgettable film for me.

John Y (jp) wrote: Two guys are awesomely funny, and the other two are just so-so.

Private U (jp) wrote: I really enjoyed the movie- some of the songs are really nice, and Shahrukh and Juhi always add a freshness to the screen.

Bill K (mx) wrote: I couldn't get into this and fell asleep.

bill s (ag) wrote: The best thing to say about this film is people got work.....not good work but work.

I dont know w (kr) wrote: No wonder it did horrible at the box office.

Private U (us) wrote: The best House Party

Shuo L (de) wrote: why so many people love it?

bobby w (ru) wrote: Denzel is the greatest alive

Jesper C (us) wrote: In my top 10 best films ever and t have left a mark on me since the first time i saw it as a kid. One of the best films about native american tribe life ever made. Now i just want it on DVD ..

Willie J (br) wrote: A nice musical,that accurately displays (for the most part) how the American Revolution began.The dialogue is funny and the acting isn't bad.All in all a nice musical.

Jacquie S (it) wrote: How did this film get made? And what was the budget, $10? Seriously terrible. Not scary or thrilling, just boring. The only sickening part is the hand held cameras and the yokel locals!

Justine G (au) wrote: Doris Day and Jack Lemmon are enjoyable but this script is a bit far fetched

Iain B (ag) wrote: Al Pacino just rambles on for the first 15 mins of this, I didn't get past the first act, 20 mins binned