La nueva Cenicienta

Antonio, the famous dancer is preparing a big performance for the TV. But he is missing a good female dancer. One day he sees a girl dancing in the streets but when he is going to talk to ...

. . One day he sees a girl dancing in the streets but when he is going to talk to . But he is missing a good female dancer. Antonio, the famous dancer is preparing a big performance for the TV

La nueva Cenicienta is the best funny movie of Matthew Andrews (screenplay), Matthew Andrews (story), Alfonso Paso (screenplay), Alfonso Paso (story), Arturo Rígel (screenplay), Arturo Rígel (story. This movie was introduced in 1964. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, for example Marisol, Antonio, Robert Conrad, Fernando Rey, Antonio Casal, Fernando Sancho, Guillermo Marín, Francisco Camoiras, Ildefonso San Félix, José Ángel Espinosa 'Ferrusquilla', Carlos Casaravilla, María Álvarez, Fernando Villena, Jesús Guzmán, Valentín Tornos. There are many categories, such as Musical. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 5.9 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends

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Users reviews

Aj V (mx)

I love it. It has a great story of a group of people who get stranded on an island and discover it's a utopia. It's long, but it's worth it. This is my favourtie movie of 1937

Ca H (ca)

Whilst I did enjoy the more serious moments I felt this film took itself a bit too seriously at times and was not as lightweight ans bawdy as it was meant to be. The deeper, realistic and complicated portrayals of the various characters are interesting but the almost-documentary style of some of the dialogue wears thin at times and becomes a chore to listen to. A really weird film: funny, entertaining and shameless in some respects but then I feel like it takes itself a bit too seriously

Christopher L (de)

ro Stars. Mostly unwatchable

Donald E (mx)

on't miss this!. The two leads are great as is the supporting cast. Full of hateful, redneck idiots who think making 6 bucks a hour is a great deal! Highly recommended. This movie is funny and depressing full slice of southern pie. A movie that again shows that most critics are out of touch with what people like. Well written and directed. Not a horror film, nor a thriller, but coming of age drama that never lets up

Henrik A (nl)

Joanne Whalley is still somewhat of a stunner. Great low budget movie with two awesome actors that never really got a break

Ian M (es)

great story and decent acting spoiled by horrible paving!. So slow I wanted it to be over before the opening credits were finished

Jim D (ag)

. . Typically good John Ford movie. . . There are so few quality movies about the American Revolution it was nice to see on that didn't totally stink(a la The Patriot). Watched this for the first time tonight

Jonathan L (ca)

A Good story and refreshing to not just see a typical American movie. Sad, but inspirational at times

Konrad W (it)

With slow beginning, boring middle, predictable ending, poor writing, unrealistic behavior of characters, inability to thrill/scare, and an out-there concept to begin with, ATM may have been the worst horror I've seen. Oh man ATM sure was something

Mark J (kr)

Even Miss Piggy couldn't save it. One of the stupidest movies i have seen in a while